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July 6, 2020

Director of Emergency Management, Merrick Brown, provided City Council an update on the City’s COVID-19 response. The City activated the Municipal Emergency Management plan on March 13 and has since worked closely with Alberta Health Services to support their leadership during the pandemic response. Mr. Brown provided a summary of the City’s response over the past four months and an update on the current implications for the City of Medicine Hat, including the reopening of City Hall on July 13.
Kent Snyder, General Manager of Planning and Development Services, presented to Council on Bylaw #4619 - Rezoning of 1108 7 Street SW. This land use bylaw amendment is being proposed to support the development of a new “Cannabis Production and Distribution Facility” in Medicine Hat that could create up to 25 jobs. Mr. Snyder described the potential implications of the rezoning for Council’s consideration. The proposed development is aligned with City Council’s desire to attract innovative industries to the community that enhance the economy of Medicine Hat.

Mr. Snyder also presented on Bylaw #4628 - Rezoning of 20, 22 & 26 Iron Avenue SE. Environmental Utilities department proposes to amend the land use bylaw in order to acquire the above referenced land from the Environmental Utilities department for a materials storage yard. The material storage would allow for a larger asphalt and concrete recycling program as well as to store soil for City of Medicine Hat projects.

Following a public hearing, City Council defeated 2nd reading of Bylaw #4619, a Bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to amend Bylaw #4168, the City of Medicine Hat Land Use Bylaw.

Following a public hearing, City Council approved 2nd & 3rd reading of Bylaw #4628, a Bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to amend Bylaw #4168, the City of Medicine Hat Land Use Bylaw.

Council approved 3rd reading of Bylaw #4617, a Bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to license, regulate and control Vehicles For Hire. The current Taxi Bylaw does not include provisions regulating Charter Service Companies or Transportation Network Companies (e.g. Uber, Lyft). Following consultations with industry, a scan of other Alberta Bylaws, and conversations with other municipalities, the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw was drafted to modernize the current version, allowing for technological and market changes.

Through Administrative Committee, City Council received for information tender recommendation GP20-67 Reclamation: Services in Freefight. The tender was awarded to the best evaluated bids meeting specification: Summit (377 wells) in the amount of $999,050 and Trace (373 wells) in the amount of $988,450.

Through Public Services Committee, Council approved a one-time Community Vibrancy Grant program utilizing funding redirected from various City grant programs to meet community circumstances and needs being experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through Corporate Services Committee, City Council approved a new 2020 capital project for a cogeneration plant at the FLC, with a total budget of $883,500 contingent upon approval of $612,500 in grant funding and the City of Medicine Hat contributing funding of $271,000 from the community capital reserve. The purpose of a cogeneration system is to capture the heat that would normally be wasted in electricity generation and supply it to the building - also known as combined heat and power distributed generation.

Through Administrative Committee, Council received for information Tender Recommendation: FP20-84 Gilwell Park – Landscape & Irrigation Improvement. The tender was awarded to the best evaluated bid meeting specification: Grassroots Landscaping & Irrigation Ltd. in the amount of $893,249.96.

City Council received for information the minutes of the Audit Committee meeting of June 25, 2020, including the Tri-annual Management Report for the period ending April 30, 2020.

Through the Municipal Names Committee, City Council approved the following requests:

  • Add Coulee Ridge Drive SW to the Names Registry as per a request from Coulee Ridge Development Inc. to name a road in the Coulee Ridge Development to match the name of the Subdivision, and geographical area.
  • Rename a portion of 10 Ave NW to Goodyear Way NW in front of their manufacturing plant to mark their 60th year of operation in Medicine Hat.

Through Administrative Committee, Council approved sales and pricing strategies for the following properties:

  • 1064 1 Street SW – This 0.9 acre parcel of mixed use land was recently declared not required for TCH upgrades. This unique infill opportunity will allow for a variety of commercial and community service type uses due to its close proximity to the hospital, downtown and the TCH. The property will be priced at $407,000.
  • 79 Cuyler Road SE – This 1.43 acre community service land is currently leased to the Scouts on a 70 year term lease for $1/year that expires on December 31, 2046. The Scouts own the building located on the site. Scouts Canada is divesting themselves of several of their buildings, including Medicine Hat. The Scouts are willing to transfer title to the building for $1 to avoid future liability associated with the building. The property will be priced at $668,150.

City Council approved a motion to table the sales and pricing strategy of 826 11 Street SE (Elizabeth Street School) for two weeks.

City Council received for information the minutes of the Police Commission Meeting of May 21, 2020, the Municipal Planning Commission Meeting of May 27, 2020, the Heritage Resources Committee Meeting of June 9, 2020, and the Police Commission Meeting of June 18, 2020.

Council approved 2nd and 3rd reading of Bylaw #4624, a Bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to incur indebtedness in the amount of $7,082,000 for the purpose of 2020 Water Treatment Plant Residuals Management Facility. The bylaw approval supports a previously approved budget amendment that will allocate funding in a single budget year to support eligibility for federal funding, the Investing in Canadian Infrastructure Program (ICIP). ICIP funding is available for 40% of the total project costs, as long as 33% funding is also identified from a provincial source. An Alberta Capital Financing Authority (ACFA) submission will be submitted for $26.5M and ACFA requires the capital project and the $26.5M funding to be approved in a single budget year to remain eligible for ACFA funds.

Council approved a motion to remove item 10.1, a Resolution regarding Land Use Bylaw #4619, from the agenda as Bylaw #4619 was defeated.

Under new business, Kaleb Motz was appointed to the City Centre Development Agency Board of Directors for a term effective immediately and expiring December 31, 2022.

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