Urban Environment and Recreation Advisory Board

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The Urban Environment and Recreation Advisory Board (UERAB) is one of four advisory boards established by City Council. UERAB is mandated to act in an advisory capacity to the Public Services Committee and City Council on policy and high level planning matters pertaining to the urban environment, parks and recreation.

The Board serves the following functions and duties:

  • to identify issues pertaining to its mandate and to solicit input from the community at large, and develop recommendations;
  • to evaluate existing policies and programs on issues pertaining to its mandate;
  • to act as a liaison between individuals and community groups and organizations in the development of policies, programs, facilities and long range planning; and
  • to solicit input, and develop recommendations on relevant policy matters when requested by the Committee, Council, or other standing committees of Council.

UERAB also reviews and provides recommendations on:

Current Public Members:

  • Mecah Klem - Chair
  • Dina Jubrak - Vice Chair
  • David McKenzie
  • Pat MacIntosh
  • Marilou Montemayor
Council Representative
  • Councillor Kris Samraj

For more information please contact:

Parks and Recreation
ph:  403.529.8333
email: parks@medicinehat.ca