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Commissions are established by City Council under the Municipal Government Act to provide information, advice and recommendations for consideration by City Council and Administration.

Combative Sports Commission
The Combative Sports Commission's mandate is to act in a regulatory capacity for Committee and Council with respect to regulating, governing, and controlling combative sports within Medicine Hat.

Bylaw No. 4048 and the Rules and Regulations were approved by Council May 16, 2011 to re-establish the Medicine Hat Combative Sports Commission (Commission) to regulate and control combative sports within Medicine Hat. Bylaw No. 4380 amendments were added to allow the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to approve changes to the rules and regulations.

  • Bylaw No. 4048 (PDF)
  • Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  • In the Ring Rules (PDF)

Bylaw No. 4048 grants the Commission the authority to regulate both professional and amateur combative sports (i.e. boxing and mixed martial arts), but the rules and regulations exempt well- established amateur governing bodies (i.e. Alberta Amateur Boxing Association), and provides the Commission the flexibility to exempt other governing bodies if required.

The Commission continually reviews their Bylaw and Rules and Regulations and makes amendments to modernize and update their operating procedures.

Responsibilities of the Commission 
The Commission is responsible for the safety of contestants and the audience by ensuring that:

  • Competitors meet the medical requirements of the sport
  • Approve promoters host events with trained official (referees, judges, timekeepers, and other officials)
  • Insurance requirements are met, conflicts of interest do not occur, and facility standards are ensured
  • Mandatory medical suspensions for injured competitors are enforced
  • Event rules for the competition are approved
  • Promoters act professionally
  • Competitors are matched fairly, according to weight and experience levels
  • The Promoter provides a safe environment for Combatants and Spectators

The Commission has established its own financial account to track revenues and expenses, and has established a Board of five members. The Executive Director of the Commission is a City employee appointed by the CAO, as per the Bylaw, and performs administrative duties for the Commission.


  • Randy Taves (Executive Director)
  • Brian Christmann (Commissioner)
  • Albert Nieman (Commissioner)
  • Todd Pember (Commissioner)
  • Daniel Vas (Commissioner)
  • Vacant

Promoter Documents

Major Events

  • Hard Knocks Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, May 27, 2011
  • Snap Fitness, Medicine Hat Mixed Martial Arts, August 20, 2011
  • I&C Kickboxing/Fitness, Boxing, September 30, 2011 
  • Hard Knocks Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, November 10, 2011
  • Hard Knocks Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, February 24, 2012
  • Hard Knocks Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, June 15, 2012
  • Hard Knocks Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, September 21, 2012
  • Hard Knocks Fighting Championships, Mixed Martial Arts, November 2, 2012
  • King of the Cage, Mixed Martial Arts, September 27, 2013
  • Tom Fiddler MMA - Canalta Centre, Mixed Martial Arts, April 9, 2016
  • Tom Fiddler MMA - Canalta Centre, Mixed Martial Arts, October 28, 2016 
  • Tom Fiddler Fight Night 3 - Canalta Centre, Mixed Martial Arts, June 10, 2017
  • Tom Fiddler Fight Night 4 - Canalta Centre, Mixed Martial Arts, September 7, 2017

Contact Information
Randy Taves, Executive Director
Phone: 403.529.8347

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Municipal Planning Commission
The Municipal Planning Commission acts as the principal advisory body to Council in matters relating to land use planning.

Functions and duties performed by the Commission include:

  • to exercise development powers and duties on behalf of the City in accordance with the Subdivision and Development Authorities Bylaw; 
  • to exercise subdivision powers and duties on behalf of the City in accordance with the Subdivision and Development Authorities Bylaw; and 
  • to carry out such other functions and duties as may be assigned to the Commission by Council.

Members are elected to the Commission for a three year term. 


  • Frank Devine (Public)
  • Gordon Johnson (Public)
  • Kenneth Murdock (Public)
  • Loretta Thompson (Public)
  • Pete Vanderham (Public)
  • Councillor B. Varga (Chair, Council Representative)
  • Councillor D. Hirsch (Vice Chair, Council Representative)
  • Kent Snyder (City Advisor)

Contact Information
Kent Snyder, General Manager
Planning & Development Services
Phone: 403.529.8376

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