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Passenger Information & Terms of Use

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Medicine Hat Transit works hard to provide quality service to all passengers. Please take a moment to read the information below to help make your Transit experience positive for not only you, but your fellow passengers.

Passenger Courtesy
As a courtesy to other passengers, please keep the following in mind when riding Transit:
  • Boarding
    • Please use posted bus stops only.
    • Have pass or fare ready prior to boarding.
    • Avoid unnecessary delays, please take the first available seat.
    • Exit using the rear doors whenever possible.
    • Shirts and shoes must be worn. 
    • No consumption of food or beverages is allowed on the bus.
    • Smoking, littering and loitering are prohibited.
  • Courtesy & Safety
    • Do not stand near or engage the operator in unnecessary conversation while the bus is in motion.
    • Keep arms and head inside the bus.
    • All children under 5 years old must be accompanied by a guardian. It is the responsibility of the parent/adult to keep children seated.
    • Passengers should not attempt to stop a bus after it has pulled into traffic.
    • Passengers are to remain seated until the bus comes to a full and complete stop.
    • For the safety of passengers, pedestrians and motorists, buses will not stop in traffic to allow passengers to board or exit the bus.
    • Exit using the rear doors whenever possible.
  • Infant Stroller/Carriage Travel Safety
    • Apply and lock the brakes on the stroller/carriages, firmly maintain control of the stroller/carriages for the full duration of their travel on the transit system or while using Transit Facilities. Strollers/carriages must not be left unattended while on the bus or in Transit Facilities.
    • Keep the stroller/carriages out of the aisle by moving to the rear of the bus or if available, use the courtesy seating provided at the front of the bus. 
    • If children are removed from strollers and the stroller is folded out of the way, they may sit anywhere on the bus as long as they remain seated the entire trip. It is the responsibility of the parent/adult to keep children seated.
    • Ensure that small children remain seated at all times while on the bus.
  • Special Needs
    • Be considerate of people with special needs and the elderly; please vacate the seating area designated for them. 
  • Personal Items
    • Skis, ski poles, skates and skateboards must be properly encased.
    • All ice skates and roller blades are to be carried by the blades and must be properly encased.
    • Keep carry-on bags and parcels on your lap and out of walkways.
    • Speaker function not to be used on mobile phones.
    • Headphones are to be used when listening to electronic devices (iPods, radios, etc).
    • Place garbage in the containers provided on the bus.

Keeping Our Community Safe
Our Operators keep a watchful eye on our community. Working in conjunction with other community agencies, Operators report suspicious activities to Medicine Hat Police Services and Fire Services, and help lost individuals get to where they are safe.

Our Operators are in continuous contact with MHT Dispatch and can radio for emergency help whenever fire, police or emergency medical services are required. They also report road problems, out-of-order traffic lights and missing signs. All MHT buses are considered a safe haven for children, adults, seniors and persons with disabilities.

Certified specialty (working) dogs are permitted on board. Any other small pet, contained in an animal carrier device, is permitted.

Bike and Ride
A great way to stay fit and keep the environment healthy is to ride your bike and the bus. For your convenience, MHT buses are equipped with bike racks. Bike & Ride makes it easy.