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Membership to Senior Services programming is available to all adults who are 50-plus. In addition to joining a vibrant community, there are many benefits to becoming a member. Regular and full memberships are available and renewable on a yearly basis.

Members of the Veiner CentreBenefits of a Regular Membership:

  • Participation in over 40 leisure activities including fitness classes, cards, choir, art and crafts, scrabble, writing, carpet bowling, floor curling, shuffleboard, table tennis, bocce, line dancing, darts, and more.
  • Educational activities such as videos, workshops, computer classes and other instructional activities.
  • Reduced prices at The Bistro at the Veiner Centre.
  • Enjoyment of 50+ Weekly Night Out, including games, cards and dancing. 
  • A chance to enter and win in the weekly membership draw.
  • Access to resource computers and borrowing books/resources.

Benefits of a Full Membership:

  • All of the benefits listed above PLUS
  • Full access to the Strathcona Centre Fitness Equipment including:
    • Elliptical machines
    • Weights
    • Treadmills and Resistance Training

Membership Costs: 

The cost of a membership is $100 for a year (includes GST). If you want to access the Fitness Centre at Strathcona Centre, the cost is an additional $200 for a year, for a total of $300 per year (includes GST).

Memberships can be purchased between 8am - 3pm at the Veiner Centre (225 Woodman Ave SE) and are valid for a full year from the date of purchase. 

All members will receive a membership card with their picture on it, which identifies you as a current member.

Fair Entry
If you have financial barriers you may qualify for the ‘Fair Entry’ subsidy which qualifies you for a fee reduction on some services, including a membership with Senior Services.

Click here to find out more about the Fair Entry Program

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