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The City of Medicine Hat is no stranger to disasters and can attest to the importance of Emergency Management preparedness and a collaborative, resilient community.

Emergency Management (EM) delivers three fundamental objectives:
  • plan for emergencies of scale (disasters)
  • respond to disasters
  • manage a recovery phase
A resilient community is built through a process of empowering citizens, responders, organizations, communities and governments to share the responsibility to keep hazards from becoming disasters.

Public Notification
During a disaster, Emergency Management recognizes that it is important to get timely and accurate information to the public. Along with working with the local media and utilizing social media, EM will use NotifyMeNow and Alberta Emergency Alert, as appropriate, to notify the public of impending and current disasters, providing safety instructions and updates on the situation.

In an disaster, first responders in the Region will do whatever they can to protect lives, such as going door-to-door, alerting the media, using NotifyMeNow and Alberta Emergency Alert, etc.

In most situations, NotifyMeNow is the fastest and easiest way for you to get critical information. Plus, it’s official information – without the rumours or wrong details you can get from word-of-mouth.
Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP)
The MEMP is the governing document that outlines the policy, operations, and roles and responsibilities for the City of Medicine Hat and Emergency Management
The Plan assists in carrying out duties related to the municipal emergency management program to prepare for and respond to disasters. The Director of Emergency Management and Deputies meet with the Emergency Management Agency on a quarterly basis to review, refine and test the plans.

The City of Medicine Hat collaborates with the Town of Redcliff and Cypress County to provide a regionalized structure. This enables the communities to share resources while offering centralized leadership and management to avoid duplication within the geographical area.

The Regional Emergency Management Plan is an annex of the MEMP and contains the governing structure for disasters affecting two or more of our communities.

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Alberta Emergency Alert
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During an Emergency
Public information services are vital and key in the management of a major emergency or disaster. The Public Information Officer has the responsibility to keep the public well informed of what has occurred and what actions residents need to take during an emergency.

The Public Information Officer also represents the Emergency Management team in terms of media liaison. For this reason, media representatives are asked and encouraged to contact the Public Information Officers during emergencies.

Contact Public Information Officers
For additional information related to an emergency or disaster, please contact one of the following:

Brandy Calvert
Communications Officer, Corporate Communications
Mobile: 403.502.6103
Office: 403.529.8296
Leah Prestayko
Manager, Corporate Communications
Mobile: 403.977.0764
Office: 403.502.8071

Contact Emergency Management
For additional information related to Emergency Management, please contact one of the following:

General Inquiries
Emergency Management
Phone: 403.502.8712
Merrick Brown
Director, Emergency Management
Phone: 403.525.8686

Report rat sightings to Emergency Management Services 403.502.8712