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Electronics Recycling

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The Alberta Recycling Management Authority estimates that 190,000 televisions and 90,000 computers are landfilled annually in Alberta.

Electronics waste is the newest challenge in environmentally friendly solid waste disposal, and it is growing at 3 times the rate of other wastes. Luckily getting rid of these materials safely is now easy. Just bring your old electronics to the Waste Management Facility during regular operating hours and drop it off in the designated location.

At this time, electronic products accepted under the program include:

  • Televisions
  • Laptop and notebook computers,
  • CPUs (including mouse, keyboard, cables and desktop computer speakers),
  • Computer monitors (Cathode Ray Tube and Liquid Crystal Display),
  • Desktop printers and printer combinations (desktop printers with scanning and/or faxing capabilities).

For more information please visit the Alberta Recycling Management Authority.

Retired Computer