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Don't Trash a Batch of Recycling! Sort materials into the right carts.
Let's make sure recycling efforts don't literally go to waste.

Blue recycling carts are for accepted recycling materials only. Don’t be the one in your neighborhood to trash a batch of recycled materials by putting contaminated material into your blue cart. Great recycling efforts by your neighbors can literally go to waste!

  • Please check the 'What Goes Where' links below to make sure you sort materials into the right carts.
  • Materials such as yard waste, organic waste, food or glass will ruin other recycled items when they arrive at the Materials Recovery Facility. If it can’t be sorted, and poses a health and safety risk to employees on the sorting line, it will all be thrown away.
  • Please sort garbage into grey household waste carts, and yard waste into green carts. Residents who do not subscribe to the seasonal yard waste collection program can receive a cart by calling 403.529.8176. A one-time level of service change fee of $50.00 will be applied to the utility account.  Residential yard waste material can be brought to the Waste Management Facility or bagged and placed into the grey household waste cart.
  • Glass may be brought to the Waste Management Facility or to any of the bulk recycling depots.

Thank you to everyone for making recycling a success in Medicine Hat! 

What Goes Where?

Residential Recycling Collection

Recycling carts are collected by GFL from the same set out location as your household and yard waste carts. 

Residential recycling collection uses the same type of cart and technology as the automated garbage and yard waste carts. GFL collectors will be emptying the carts with their automated collected trucks, and will process the materials for shipment. 

Collection will be completed once a week, following the same zone calendar and map as with the grey and yard waste carts. Determine your collection day by referring to the Collection Schedule page under Waste and Recycling Collection Services on the website.

Cart set out information 

  • Ensure all carts are set out before 7 a.m. Collection occurs all day until it is completed 
    • If you believe your cart was missed on collection day, please call the following business day as collection will continue until completed and may be later in the day
  • If your cart is not full, you do not have to set it out. 
  • Make sure there is 3 feet clearance between each cart.
  • Be sure carts are not set out next to electrical infrastructure such as transformer boxes. The metal arm of collection trucks may strike these accidentally posing danger to the operator or causing a power disruption or related issues

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Drop-off Depots and Recycling Collection Information

Did your cart get missed on collection day?

Note that collections may be completed later in the day. If you believe your cart was missed on Collection Day, please call Environmental Utilities on the following business day to let us know: 403.529.8176. Thank you! 


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Residential Recycling Guidelines Video


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recycle logoPreparing materials to place into your blue recycling cart. No sorting required!

The Tips and FAQs below have been prepared to help answer common questions about recycling. If you do not see an answer to your question, please check the Recycle Coach App or contact Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176

Refer to the Recyclables Preparation What Goes Where Guide to help you determine acceptable and unacceptable materials for the blue recycling cart, and determine where to bring other items, such as to a bulk recycling depot or to the City's Waste Management Facility.

Thank you for recycling. Recycling is one of the four universally accepted principles in the City’s long-term Waste Management Plan. We encourage everyone to follow the four accepted principles of reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.

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Blue Recycling Carts

All Medicine Hat residential locations (single family dwellings up to fourplexes) who currently have a grey cart for household garbage will have a blue recycling cart. If you have recently moved and do not have a blue cart, please contact Environmental Utilities at 403-529-8176.

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