Waste Collection FAQs

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Residential Collection Related

What can I put in my garbage cart?

Environmental Utilities encourages residents to minimize garbage disposal as much as possible by reducing the amount of recyclable waste going into the grey household waste carts. After recycling your cardboard, plastic, tin, glass, grass clippings, yard waste materials, resusable/donate-able items etc. the leftover waste intended for landfill disposal can go into your grey household waste cart.

The residential carts are intended for household waste only. Not accepted in the grey carts is construction and demolition materials, Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW), e-waste, animal carcasses or any other harmful or hazardous items.

What goes into the recycling cart?

A complete list of what goes where is available on the city website – www.medicinehat.ca/recycle . Cardboard, mixed paper, news print, plastic and tin/aluminum will all be accepted. No sorting is required! Place materials loosely inside the blue recycling carts. It is preferable to not bag the materials as this causes difficulties when sorting at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). If residents do use bags for bundling materials, clear/transparent bags are preferred. Grocery bags should be bundled together in one bag; reducing the chance of littering and the risk of bags becoming tangled in the machinery. Refer to "What Goes Where

Glass will NOT be accepted in the blue recycling carts to ensure the safety of employees on the sorting line. Glass is accepted at the bulk recycling depots and at the City’s Waste Management Facility.

Contamination in the recycling streams has a big impact at the MRF and can also be a safety concern for the employees on the sorting line. Please ensure that only the accepted recyclable materials are placed in the blue recycling cart.

Are the Bulk Recycling Depots still in operation?

The bulk recycling depots remain in operation as places for overflow, for glass recycling and for residents who do not have a blue recycling cart (residents in apartments etc.). For instance, residents may prefer to use a depot for cardboard boxes rather than breaking them down to fit into the blue recycling carts.

Over time, the City will review which depots are most convenient for north and south customers at which time some depots may close if appropriate – or new ones may be constructed in alternate locations. In the meantime, the current drop off depots remain in operation.

When is my collection day?

Your collection day is based on the zone that your residence is located in. Download the Recycle Coach App to your Apple or Android smartphone or refer to the schedule posted on the Collection Schedule page. Grey (household waste) and green (yard waste) carts are collected by the City of Medicine Hat. Blue (recycling) carts are collected by Environmental 360 Solutions Inc. All carts are collected on the same day, refer to the Collection Schedule.

Where do I set my cart out for collection?

Waste collection routes are designed to minimize overlap, and reduce fuel and mileage used by the trucks. To ensure consistency between collectors, route maps are prepared for each route within the 5 collection zones indicating where each household is designated to set their carts out. To find out whether your home has been assigned with front street, back lane or side street collection, contact Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176.

What if a cart isn't full, should it be set out for collection?

It is not mandatory for carts to be placed out on every collection day if the cart is not full. The time that is taken to lift and tip an empty cart could be used to move to the next location. Please keep the empty cart(s) on property till the next collection day.

How do I get a yard waste cart?

Yard waste carts are delivered upon request to households that have a City of Medicine Hat issued household waste and recycling cart. Since the yard waste collection program is optional, there is a one-time level of service change fee of $50 applied to the utility account and can only be authorized by the current utility account holder. Request a yard waste cart by calling Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176 or via email to eu@medicinehat.ca.

Why don’t I have a household waste or recycling cart?

Household waste carts are delivered to single family dwellings in Medicine Hat as per Waste Bylaw #1805. If you have moved into a newly built home, a cart may not have been assigned to your residence yet. To request the carts be delivered or to confirm whether a cart has already been assigned, call Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176.

Why was my recycling/household/yard waste not emptied?

If you set your cart out prior to 7 a.m. on your designated collection according to the set-out standards and your cart was not emptied; call Environmental Utilities the following business day at 403.529.8176 to let us know.

What do I do if my cart has gone missing?

All City of Medicine Hat issued carts have serial numbers that are assigned to the residence that they are delivered to. Sign up for eUtility by accessing eutility.medicinehat.ca to view your utility accounts equipment details or call Environmental Utilities to ask for the cart serial number your house was assigned. When you find your cart, ensure your address is written on the lid with a permanent marker and return it to private property to keep it from going missing again.

What do I do if my cart is damaged?

Report damaged carts to Environmental Utilities by calling 403.529.8176, field staff will assess the damage and repair or replace as necessary. Carts damaged due to negligence could incur a fee for the replacement.

I have back lane collection, can I leave my cart out all the time?

According to Waste Bylaw #1805, carts must be kept on the property that it was delivered to when not set out for collection. This means carts must be removed off public roadways and lanes after collection has been completed. This helps keep lanes clear for public and emergency vehicles.

Commercial Collection Related

How do I get a commercial bin for my business?

Commercial collection service provided by the City of Medicine Hat is not mandatory and can be requested by submitting a completed application. Refer to the Commercial Waste & Cardboard Collection page for more information or contact Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176.

When does my commercial bin get emptied?

There should be a sticker on your City issued commercial bin to indicate the pick up day(s). If you cannot locate a sticker or if you would like to change your pick up day, contact Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176.

I run a seasonal business; can I stop collection when it is not in operation?

Yes you can! Contact Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176 to either retrieve or lock up your commercial bin and suspend the utility account charges. When business resumes, simply call back to have the collection and charges resume.

I don’t have that much garbage; can my business have a cart instead of a bin?

Since waste carts are emptied by a different style truck, requests for the 95 gallon carts at a business require approval by Solid Waste management before delivery. This is to ensure that collection is feasible for the location of the business. Simply fill out the Service Request form indicating this preference so that staff can assess.

As a business, can I have a recycling/household/yard waste cart?

At this time, carts are for residential use only and are not delivered to commercial locations. Environmental Utilities recommends that businesses contract a lawn care company to retrieve the yard waste materials from their property or self-haul to the Waste Management Facility.