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Utilities Collection

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Utility Disconnection
When your utility account is 60 days past due, you will receive a disconnect warning letter.  The fee is $20.00, and will be applied to your account.
The disconnect warning letter allows you 10 days to either make payment or sufficient payment arrangements with collections.
If payment arrangements are made with collections, but not kept, disconnection without notice will occur.

Utility Reconnection
Payment of utility arrears, disconnect and reconnect fees must be paid in full by 3:00 pm for a same day reconnect.
A deposit equal to two times your average utility bill may be required on your account if one does not already exist.
Payment must be made by cash, debit or credit card prior to reconnection.
NOTE: Credit cards are accepted ONLY on disconnect warnings and disconnected accounts.
If the account is not reconnected prior to winter limiters being installed, then gas and water will also be disconnected to prevent pipes freezing and property damage.

Winter Limiters
Limiters are used during the winter months (October to April).

The City of Mediicne Hat uses 2 types of limiters: Manual and Virtual.

A manual electricity limiter is a device installed on your meter with the intent of allowing only limited amount of power to your residence. The purpose is to allow the furnace to continue to run to ensure that heat is available in your home during the colder months.
If too much electricity is used at one time, the limiter will "trip" or turn off. Similar to a breaker in your home, you will have to access the limiter on your meter to reset it.  It is important that the electricity load be reduced prior to turning it on to prevent it from tripping again.

Instructions on resetting your limiter Resetting your Limiter

A virtual limiter differes from a manual limiter in that it is not a physical piece of equipement. The electric meter can be limited remotely. If too much electricity is used at one time, the power will be completely disconnected for 15 minutes.  It cannot be reset by the resident. After 15 minutes, the load limiting will reset automatically.  The customer will need to turn off the sources that would have exceeded the amp load during these 15 minutes. If the load is still over 16 amps, there will be 59 seconds of power and then it will be off again for another 15 minutes cycle.

Financial Assistance
If your electricity, gas or water have been disconnected or are about to be disconnected there are financial resources available to assist. Please contact our office and we can refer you to the correct support agencies.

It is VERY important that if you're having financial troubles and are unable to pay your bills that you keep in touch with the Collections Team to make payment arrangements.