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Medicine Hat Fire Service Divisions

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Fire Rescue Operations
Walton Block FireThe Fire Service provides emergency response from three stations located strategically throughout the City. The operations staff totals 72 members under the leadership and management of a Chief, Deputy Chief of Operations, Deputy Chief of Prevention and Training and a Chief Training Officer. Four platoons staff the three stations and maintain a minimum of 14 on duty in the City at all times. The competency standards for fire and rescue are in accordance with the NFPA/IFSAC certifications.

The Fire Service has a fleet of 38 vehicles. The fleet includes frontline apparatus equipped with state of the art technology and carries all the contemporary equipment for efficient management of fire and rescue incidents.  The fleet also includes aquatic rescue crafts and an array of specialized equipment for hazardous materials incident management, technical rescue, wild land fires and command vehicles.

Hamptons FireIntegral within the department are various advanced teams that both augment initial response units and provide an advanced level of capability to manage more technical demands associated with the various rescue and containment incidents. The teams attract members from the general fire fighter population with a requirement that they serve a minimum of 6 years as a advanced team member.

Advanced Response Teams

  • Tech. Rescue pic #2Technical Rescue Team
    Is a highly skilled team that responds to incidents involving elevation rescues both low and high-angle as well as Confined Space Rescue. The team is equipped with a dedicated vehicle that not only carries an array of rescue equipment but is equipped for off road rescues and operations. Although relatively self-contained, the team and the unit are supported by an engine company.
  • Aquatics pic #2Aquatics Rescue Team
    Is a highly specialized team that is equipped with the full array of equipment for both surface and sub-surface operations. All divers meet CSA certification through an international agency. The team's training and abilities allows them to respond to various bodies of water and winter ice conditions.

    In addition to the fully equipped aquatics response unit, the team has two inflatable craft for rapid interventions and a rescue boat that serves as a dive platform for sustained dive operations.
  • Haz Mat pic #1Hazardous Materials Team
    The team is available to respond to incidents involving the transportation and storage of dangerous goods throughout the region. The mainline vehicle is equipped with an on-board weather station, satellite phone, lap-top computer with an array of contemporary technical information software. Level A & B suits are integral to the response unit as are SCBAs and basic decontamination equipment.

Fire Prevention
The Fire Prevention Bureau consists of a Fire Marshal and 3 Fire Investigators/Inspectors. All are certified Alberta Safety Codes Officers in accordance with the Alberta Safety Codes Council.

  • Fire Inspection Services
    Our members conduct routine inspections of commercial businesses, public buildings and multi-family residential occupancies in accordance with our quality management plan.  The inspections limit the risk to life and property loss by identifying conditions, which could contribute to the start and spread of smoke and fire.
  • Fire Investigations
    Fire investigators investigate every fire or explosion that results in property damage, injury, death, and arson to determine the origin, cause and circumstances of the fire/explosion. Incident commanders will initiate the investigation immediately after the fire is brought under control. The results of the investigations are forwarded to the Provincial Fire Marshal for statistical purposes and possible amendments to safety codes.

    The legislation related to dollar loss fire reporting is not limited to fire events where Fire Service intervention occurs. Any fire that occurs and results in loss is to be reported to the Fire Service for investigation purposes.
  • Public Education
    Our fire service has many programs in place to connect with our community and provide them with fire safety information so they they can prevent fires from occurring but also be prepared for when they do.
  • Plans Examination/Review
    Fire Inspectors review and examine building plans, perform site inspections, and provide occupancy approvals and consult with builders and architects to ensure that buildings conform to the Alberta Fire Code, Alberta Building Code, and municipal servicing standards. They are active members on the city’s Technical Coordinating Committee.
  • Technical advice and consultation services
    The Fire Inspection Bureau is available to provide fire safety advice and consultations on request. Issues that involve fire code interpretations, the safe storage of flammable and combustible liquids, fire and life safety features in buildings and facilities and emergency response plans development are all available by contacting the Bureau.

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Training Branch
On-duty trainingThe mission within the Training Branch is to provide the ever changing knowledge and skills to those who provide you with the protection against fire and other emergency situations. The chief training officer in conjunction with the platoon officers, conducts training which consists of in-house instruction, correspondence programs and attendance at recognized training institutions. 

The motto of the training branch is “That everyone goes home at the end of the shift”. For this to hold true emphasis is placed on safety and all training meets or exceeds the industry standards. These recognized standards which we adhere to are found within the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Alberta Health and Safety Standards and other governing legislation.

Confined Space Training Bail-out training Ice Rescue Training Bail-out training
Confined Space
Rescue training
Self-rescue Training
Surface Ice
Rescue Training
Self-rescue Training
Haz Mat Training Kinplex Fire Ops Demo Ice Dive training Tech. Rescue pic #1
Hazardous Materials
Response Training
Fire Cell Ice Dive
Rescue Training
Technical Rope
Rescue Training