Fire Prevention Week

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Fire Prevention Week

In a fire, seconds count.  Seconds can mean the difference between residents of our community escaping safely from a fire or having their lives end in tragedy.  Please visit the link below to learn more about keeping your family safe.

Fire Prevention Week has been recognized since 1925 and is held annually during the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls.  During this time our fire service will be visiting elementary schools in Medicine Hat to educate K-3 students on fire safety and encourage them to spend a few minutes talking about fire safety with their family this week.

Recent Fire Prevention Week themes;

  • 2018 Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware.  Fire can happen anywhere. 
  • 2017 Every Second Counts - Plan 2 Way Out! 
  • 2016 Don't Wait - Check the Date!  Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years
  • 2015 Hear the Beep Where You Sleep.  Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm!
  • 2014 Smoke Alarms Save Lives: Test Yours Every Month
  • 2013 Prevent Kitchen Fires
  • 2012 Have 2 Ways Out!