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Construction Phase Summary (November 2017)

  • First lift of Asphalt for east parking lot completed
  • Concrete aprons poured for building and east entrance
  • Concrete for transformer pad and garbage enclosure completed
  • Concrete for sheer wall completed
  • Main gas line installed
  • Water line complete
  • Sanitary line complete
  • Curbs have been poured for east parking lot and continue for the west side
  • Structural steel is almost complete
  • Frame second floor and prep for concrete is next
  • West entrance concrete pour is coming up
  • Mechanical and Electrical rough in’s to start shortly 

Construction Phase Summary (October 2017)

Works completed, in progress and coming up soon (September 2017)
  • Completed pouring stair cores
  • Electrical main in progress
  • Site grading in progress
  • Mechanical and Electrical rough ins in progress
  • Preparing for building aprons
  • Steel erection to start soon

401 Parkview Drive NW

  • This is phase II of the station relocation projects as approved in the Fire Services Response Coverage Optimization Plan. Phase I (relocation of Station 2) is complete and working as per expectations.
  • The new location will provide response coverage improvement into NE and NW Crescent Heights, Riverside, Parkview and Ranchlands, while maintaining coverage into the River Flats, Downtown and SE Hill areas.
  • The new location will provide a station on the north side of the South Saskatchewan River in the event bridge use is restricted or unavailable (traffic accidents, construction, flood closures).
  • Once completed 95% of residents will reside within the 6:20 response coverage capability.  The other 5% are seconds outside of that.  This is a significant safety improvement for residents and fire fighters.
  • Final part of the Response Coverage Optimization Plan which also included:
    • Traffic preemption installed on nearly all existing signalized intersections in the City.
    • Traffic preemption being installed on all new signalized intersections.
    • Dispatch process improvements.
    • Installation of mobile computer aided dispatch technology on front line fire apparatus.


  • Prequalification for General Contractor In January 2017
  • Tender for construction in March 2017
  • Start construction in June 2017
  • Construction completion in Sept 2018