Terms of Service

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Customer Expectations

  • Shirts and shoes must be worn.
  • Have your pass, ticket, transfer or exact fare ready when you are boarding the bus.
  • Step out of the shelter as the bus approaches so that you may be seen by the operator.
  • Avoid unnecessary delays, please take the first available seat.
  • Vacate the seating area designated for people with special needs and the elderly.
  • Smoking, littering and loitering are prohibited.
  • Make room for everyone, 1 person = 1 seat.
  • Keep your language appropriate for all ages.
  • Keep conversations, including on your cellphone, respectful by not being too loud.
  • Headphones ARE TO BE USED when listening to electronic devices (MP3s, iPods, radios, etc).
  • Keep all large articles and carry-on bags/parcels out of the aisle and on your lap.
  • Skis, ski poles and ice skates must be properly encased. Rollerblades and skateboards must be stored appropriately.
  • Place garbage in the containers provided on the bus.
  • Speaker function not to be used on mobile phones.

Courtesy & Safety

  • Do not stand near or engage the operator in unnecessary conversation while the bus is in motion.
  • Do not stand on the seats, keep arms and head inside the bus and do not chase the bus after it has pulled away from the curb.
  • Exit using the rear doors whenever possible.
  • Fire arms, flammable or explosive materials are not allowed on the bus.
  • Remain seated until the bus has come to a full and complete stop.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/adult to keep children seated. All children under 5 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Passengers may leave their child in strollers/buggies and must move to the rear of the bus with stroller moved out of the aisle. Passengers must hold onto the stroller and firmly set the brakes. If the child is removed from the stroller and the stroller is folded out of the way, they may sit anywhere on the bus, with child seated at all times. On a low floor bus the child must be removed from the stroller unless the stroller can be placed in one of the wheelchair positions with the seat up.
  • Buses will not stop in traffic to allow passengers to board and exit the bus.

Certified specialty (working) dogs are permitted on board. Any other small pets, contained in an animal carrier device, are permitted.

Stay Fit: Bike & Ride
For your convenience, MHT buses are equipped with bike racks. Bike and Ride provides an environmentally friendly alternative transportation option.

Helping Keep Our Community Safe
Working in conjunction with other community agencies, operators will help lost individuals get to where they are
safe. They are in continuous contact with MHT Dispatch and can radio for fire, police or emergency medical services assistance. Operators also report road problems, out-of-order traffic lights and missing signs.