Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Replacements

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The City has also approved funding for the replacement of three key sanitary sewer lift stations located within the flood fringe.

The three lift stations being replaced service a large percentage of the residents of the City of Medicine Hat. The three stations are the Crescent Heights, Balmoral, and Purmal Lift Stations. Their ongoing operation is necessary to keep raw sewage from backing up into basements or flowing overland from manholes in the streets. The areas serviced by each of the lift stations and their location can be found here:

Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Replacements
Phase Project Phase Estimated Completion Date * 
I Preliminary Design Reports June 2014
II Detailed Design October 2014
III Tendering January 2015
IV Construction/Commissioning 2015/2016 Construction Seasons
* As we are in the early stages of preliminary design, completion dates noted above are high level estimates and are subject to change due to project complexity.
Lift Station A lift station is a location that pumps waste water from a low point in the gravity collection system to a higher point. It typically consists of a wet well that stores the waste water until it reaches a level where the pumps automatically start and discharge the waste water through a force main. It will also have a separate above ground building that houses the controls, sensors, and back-up generator required to operate the station.
Sanitary Sewer A sanitary sewer is a network of pipes, man holes, and lift stations that is designed to transport wastewater from residents, businesses, and industrial sites to the City of Medicine Hat’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Why do the lift stations need to be replaced?
The three lift stations (Crescent Heights, Balmoral, and Purmal Lift Stations) are all located in the flood fringe, and are subjected to overland flooding. The new lift stations will be designed above the flood level, and will incorporate submersible pumps which will better withstand flooding conditions.

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