Southern Alberta Summer Games

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The 49th annual Southern Alberta Summer Games will take place in Taber, AB in July 2018!

The Southern Alberta Summer Games were created as a vehicle to give Southern Albertan communities, whatever their size, the opportunity to become involved in a meaningful sports program that encourages the greatest number of people possible to participate in an enjoyable grass roots festival. 

With a focus on mass participation, physical and social involvement, and fair play, the games encourage anyone and everyone to participate, no matter what their age, gender, or ability.

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Previous Events
3/5/10 KM Run Beach Volleyball Mini Soccer
Archery Cribbage Photography
Athletics Cycling


Badminton Crossfit Smallbore
Ball Hockey Equestrian  Soccer
Baseball Golf*


Basketball (3 on 3) Handgun Trapshooting


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Contact Information
Summer Games Office
Phone: 403-525-8903

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Track Gusty Soccer kids
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*Golf has additional fees that are paid to the golf course where the competition will take place