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Saamis Archaeological Site

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The Saamis Archaeological Site was designated a Provincial Historic Site in 1984 and is located in Medicine Hat in the valley of Seven Persons Creek, a tributary of the South Saskatchewan River.  Encompassing an area of 36 hectares, this Site has been interpreted as a winter/early spring campsite between 1390 and 1820 A.D.  For thousands of years, First Nation groups traveled to the vicinity of Medicine Hat during their seasonal round of activities to take advantage of the rich resources (large suitable camps for bison meat and processing, water, shelter, rich diversity of smaller animals and plants).  The Site appears to have been primarily a winter camp. 

The history of First Peoples and their lands is one of the fastest growing tourism/economic growth sectors in Canada.  

The City is legally obligated under the Provincial Historical Resources Act to preserve and protect this site. 

A popular location to walk dogs off leash, the Site is showing serious signs of wear and tear.  Sensitive archaeological areas are unprotected and subject to damage through public use, flooding and storm water erosion.

Increasing demand of recreational users has resulted in degradation of both the Saamis site and the riparian (banks) areas of Seven Persons Creek that areas are eroding and paths are being worn causing watershed concerns (erosion, increased sediment loading, decrease in water quality). 

We need to take immediate remedial action. Management strategies are required and must be initiated to preserve and protect the site.

These include:
• Site becomes a dog on-leash area effective Jan 1, 2019
• Establish a dog off-leash water access point
• Implement a public education program  
• Establish non-paved trails. All park users must stay on designated trails

The City remains committed to providing off-leash areas for dogs and their owners to enjoy.  Existing off leash areas include Saratoga Dog Park, designated parks, trails and all environmental reserve lands. 

The full version of the Provincial Historic Resource Statement of Significance can be found below