Municipal Servicing Standards Manual

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Municipal Services Standards ManualThe purpose of the Municipal Servicing Standards Manual (MSSM) is to provide the Development community with a set of guidelines that outline the minimum expectations of Municipal staff when planning the development or redevelopment of lands through the Plan of Subdivision process.  These guidelines have been established for the benefit of Developers, Consulting Engineers, Contractors, and other interested parties to provide procedures and standards on the development of land and the construction of public infrastructure in the City of Medicine Hat (the Municipality).

MSSM defines the minimum expectation for public infrastructure.  It is the responsibility of Developers, Consulting Engineers, and Contractors to apply sound engineering principles and industry best practices to provide an end product that is practical, economical, efficient, safe and sustainable to be operated and maintained by the Municipality.

It is not the intent of MSSM to stifle innovation or discourage creative solutions, but to create benchmark by which Municipal staff can objectively and consistently evaluated a development proposal and quickly facilitates the necessary approvals.

MSSM also serves as a guide for the exploration of implementing viable and economic alternatives that meet the intent of the Standards.  Proposed alternatives must be reviewed and approved to the satisfaction of the Municipality prior to implementation.  The standards and criteria outlined in MSSM are subject to review and modifications from time to time and as such, responsibilities lie with the proponents of any new project to apprise themselves of the current standards and criterion prior to proceeding beyond the Planning approval phase.

In most cases, the City of Medicine Hat will assume ownership and responsibility for the perpetual maintenance of this infrastructure, so it is important that a degree of quality control is incorporated at the design stage of the project.

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