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The following newsletters and construction bulletins are provided as resources for home builders, contractors, designers, suppliers and trades people.

Construction bulletins

icon_PDFSecondary Suites Fire & Building Codes FAQ (May 2019)

icon_PDFNotice: New Construction Codes Available for free download (Apr 2019)

icon_PDFNotice: New Alberta Building, Fire and Energy Efficiency Codes (Mar 2019)

icon_PDFInstallation of Electrical Service Meters (Jan 2019)

icon_PDF2018 Canadian Electrical Code - In force Feb 1, 2019  (Jan 2019)

icon_PDFElectrical Contractors - Clearance to Electrical Equipment  (Dec 2018)

icon_PDFLuminaries Over Bathtubs, Showers and in Damp Locations (May 2018)

icon_PDFMechanical energy codes clarification  (Nov 2016)

icon_PDFNational Energy Codes and Alberta Building Code 2014 Section 9.36  (Apr 2016)

icon_PDFCommissioning of life safety systems in the 2014 Alberta Building Code  (Apr 2016)

icon_PDFNew home buyer protection warranty  (Feb 2014)

icon_PDFSprayfoam bulletin  (unknown)

icon_PDFSump pit guidelines  (Nov 2011)

icon_PDFLateral bracing of residential concrete foundation walls  (Apr 2011)

icon_PDFFlashing bulletin  (Nov 2009)

icon_PDFHIRF - Separation of glazed openings  (June 2009)

icon_PDFHIRF - Floor-to-floor fire compartments  (June 2009)

icon_PDFResidential tall walls over 3.6m  (June 2009)


Contractors newsletters

icon_PDFJuly 2019 (electrical)

icon_PDFNovember 2016 (building) 

icon_PDFNovember 2016 (mechanical) 

icon_PDFSeptember 2016 

icon_PDFMay 2016  

icon_PDFNovember 2015  

icon_PDFNovember 2014  

icon_PDFMarch 2014  

icon_PDFDecember 2013

icon_PDFOctober 2013  

icon_PDFNovember 2011  

icon_PDFApril 2011  

icon_PDFJanuary 2010  


Codes and standards available online

Current electronic editions of the following codes are available free of charge. Printed versions are available at a reduced price. Click link below to order.

•  National Building Code of Canada
•  National Fire Code of Canada
•  National Plumbing Code of Canada
•  National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings
•  Alberta Building Code
•  Alberta Fire Code

  Virtual Store - National Research Council Canada - Click "browse products"

•  Barrier-Free Design Guide 2017 (Accessibility requirements)  Download here


Questions? contact:
Joe Cruz
Residential Plans Examiner
Planning & Development Services
Ph. 403.529.8205

Note: Bulletins are City of Medicine Hat clarifications for staff use to enable consistency in the application of the Code. Unless stated otherwise, the Code references in these bulletins are to Division B of the Alberta Building Code 2014 (ABC 2014). Bulletins do not overrule the ABC 2014, nor constitute a relaxation of the Code. Bulletins should always be read in the context of the appropriate requirements of the Code.

Helpful business links

Info you need for successful entrepreneurship.

  Business Support office - help for business people in navigating City processes & services

  Starting a Business - getting permits and licenses in Medicine Hat

  Building a commercial space - Ensuring compliance with safety codes

  Cannabis retail stores - all the info you need to operate in Medicine Hat

  Community Futures Entre Corp - resources for entrepreneurs

  Business coaching & training - through Community Futures Entre Corp

  BizPal - easy access to permit and license information

  Canada Business Network - helping Canadian businesses

  Business Link - Alberta's entrepreneurial hub

  Invest Medicine Hat - resources for local businesses

  Door-to-door sales (PDF) - consumer tips, and licensing requirements

  Outdoor restaurant patios - how to get started


For more information, contact:
Business License Services
Planning & Development Services
City of Medicine Hat
Phone 403.529.8374 or 403.525.8820




Heritage resources in Medicine Hat




View articles related to Medicine Hat's heritage




Historical photos of floods in Medicine Hat




Heritage Resources Committee



The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires all municipalities within Alberta to make available a listing of all the municipalities' approved policies which relate to Part 17 of the MGA (planning and development). This listing for the City of Medicine Hat is available at the link below:

  Directory of planning and development policies