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NOTE: This document library is intended for professionals who know which forms they need for a particular job or situation.

If you are doing a home renovation project and need more information about applying for a permit, visit our Home Improvement Hub.

For questions about building, plumbing, electrical or HVAC code, construction methods, building safety or Land Use Bylaw, call Planning & Development Services at 403.529.8374.

Download a new document each time you need one to be sure you have the most up-to-date copy.

Unless otherwise indicated, the forms listed below are PDFs.



Development Permit forms


Development Permit forms

Commercial and industrial
forms and checklists
forms and checklists
icon_DPDevelopment permit application - Comm./Ind.   icon_DPDevelopment permit application - Residential
icon_DPNew commercial developments checklist   icon_DPCompliance certificate request form
icon_DPNew industrial developments checklist   icon_DPLow-density residential development checklist
icon_DPChange of tenancy / Zoning review   icon_DPLow-density residential drawing requirements
icon_DPCommercial / Industrial change of use checklist   icon_DPDecks checklist (covered, uncovered, enclosed)
icon_DPCommercial / Industrial sign checklist   icon_DPAdditions & accessory buildings checklist
icon_DPPortable sign application form   Manufactured homes checklist
icon_DPTelecommunications tower application form
  icon_DPMulti-unit residential development checklist
icon_DPSite contamination statement   icon_DPDriveway permit application
icon_DPOutdoor patio checklist - private property only
  icon_DPHome occupation development permit application
icon_DPOutdoor patio checklist - in-road right-of-way  
icon_DPOutdoor patio checklist - private & road R.O.W.   Historic Resource forms

  icon_DOCApply to designate an Historic Resource
Additional forms and information   icon_DOCApply to renovate/alter an Historic Resource
icon_DPLandowner consent form for DP  
icon_DOCSubdivision application requirements   Business License forms
icon_DOCSubdivision application form   icon_DOCBusiness License application
icon_DOCCondominium conversion checklist / Application for condominium certificate  
icon_DOCMap of flood hazard areas in Medicine Hat   Abandoned wells forms & info
icon_DOCMunicipal facility and street naming requirements / Application form   icon_DOCDirective 079 - Developing near abandoned wells in Alberta
icon_DOCVoluntary waiver of claims   icon_DOCAbandoned wells confirmation form
icon_DOCEncroachment Policy   Interactive map: Abandoned wells in Alberta »
 icon_DOCApplication to amend Land Use Bylaw    




Building Permit forms

Building Permit forms

Commercial and industrial forms
Residential forms and checklists
icon_BPCommercial / Ind. building permit application icon_BPResidential building permit application
icon_BPInterior renovations checklist (Comm. / Ind.)
  icon_BPNew residential construction checklist
icon_BPElectrical permit application
  icon_BPBasement development or alteration checklist
icon_BPGas permit application
  icon_BPDetached garage or shed checklist 
icon_BPPlumbing permit application
  icon_BPCovered / uncovered deck checklist
icon_BPMechanical (HVAC) permit application
  icon_BPCovered unheated deck enclosure checklist
icon_BPWater/Sewer service permit application   icon_BPWindow alterations /
Alterations to existing exterior walls checklist
icon_BPNew commercial / industrial building checklist
(requiring professional involvement)
  icon_BPWalkout addition / basement entry checklist
icon_BPNew commercial / industrial building checklist
(not requiring professional involvement)
  icon_BPNew construction / additions checklist
icon_BPOccupancy permit application
  icon_BPManufactured home placement checklist
icon_BPExterior wall claddings form
  icon_BPRetaining wall checklist
icon_BPCommercial sidewalk patio/café checklist   icon_BPRoof-mounted solar panels checklist

  icon_BPPatio roof / carport roof checklist
Additional forms & information   icon_BPExterior hot tub checklist
icon_BPLandowner consent form for building permit   icon_BPSwimming pool (above or in-ground) checklist
icon_BPEnergy efficiency requirements (9.36 user guide)   icon_BPSolid fuel-burning fireplace or stove checklist
icon_BPVentilation compliance form   icon_BPExterior wall claddings form
icon_BPNECB 2011 project summary form (Excel)   icon_BPDemolition permit checklist
icon_BPMobile cooking operation checklist    icon_BPDemolition permit application 
icon_BPMobile cooking operation permit application   icon_BPHomeowner waiver - Plumbing
icon_DOCHomeowner Permits & Electrical Wiring Guide
  icon_BPHomeowner waiver -Electrical
Order free electronic Building Codes (National Research Council Canada Virtual Store) »   icon_BPHomeowner waiver -Gas
 Tools / online calculators for new buildings »   icon_BPHomeowner waiver -Mechanical (HVAC)
 Effective R calculator for walls (CWC) »