Self Isolation and RV usage

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Using a recreational vehicle for self-isolation due to COVID-19

RVs in street & driveway

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals may be required or may choose to isolate themselves for health reasons. In order to enable individuals to self-isolate near family support, a temporary interpretation of existing rules regarding RV parking and use will be implemented until further notice. The information below applies to the City of Medicine Hat only.

The City of Medicine Hat (City) Municipal Works Department (MWD) and Planning & Development Services (PDS) understand that City Bylaw Services will not enforce the requirements as outlined in the City’s Land Use Bylaw and Public Roads Bylaw relating to temporary Recreational Vehicle (RV)/Trailer use on City roads.

Be aware of the rules

MWD and PDS agree with allowing the temporary use for self-isolation purposes with the following restrictions:

  • The RV cannot block, obstruct, impede other vehicles on a highway (road).  For example, RV/Trailer with pushout must be positioned so that the pushout does not face the road.  It can face the sidewalk.
  • Most RVs are only self-sufficient for 3 or 4 days until tanks fill up or batteries run down.  RV owners should have a plan for emptying tanks that does not involve draining them in the public street, storm sewer or into a park or environmental reserve. 
  • RV/Trailer propane tanks and gasoline generators pose a potential fire hazard risk.  As such, use of external propane tanks and gasoline generators will not be allowed.  Electrical extension cords will be allowed for power and heat; however, users should endeavor to limit cables and hoses on sidewalk surfaces.
  • RV’s cannot be rented out for self-isolation purposes.

Length of Use

The intent is for RV use during self-isolation only.  Once there is no longer a need for RV/Trailer use for isolation, Bylaw restrictions would be applied and persons who choose to be non-compliant may be subject to fines.

City Inspections

The City (PDS-Safety Codes and Bylaw Services) reserves the right to inspect any RV/Trailer parked on a City road to check compliance with applicable legislation, e.g. safety codes.

For questions, please contact:

Planning & Development Services
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Phone: 403.529.8374