Heritage Resources

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Heritage Resources
In July 2009, City Council approved a Heritage Resources Policy to recognize and guide the preservation of the city’s heritage resources.

“The City of Medicine Hat recognizes that it is rich in heritage resources – both public and private – the value of which should be preserved for future generations. To preserve and build upon Medicine Hat’s historical integrity, these resources are to be identified and evaluated. The adoption of the Heritage Resources Policy and Heritage Resources Action Plan is necessary to encourage protection, retention, restoration and awareness of these resources.”

Heritage Resources Policy

The Policy provides a framework of principles, goals and a structure by which identification, protection and preservation related to heritage resources may be delivered. Also included in the Heritage Resources Policy is the formulation of a Heritage Resources Committee and an Action Plan that guides the work of the Committee. You can review the Heritage Resources Policy below:

Click here to view the Heritage Resource Policy (PDF).


For more information please contact:
Planning & Development Services
City Hall (Second Floor)
580 First Street SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Phone: 403.529.8374
Email: planning@medicinehat.ca

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