Heritage Resources Commitee

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The Heritage Resources Committee's mandate is to act in an advisory capacity to the Committee and Council with respect to heritage resources in the City of Medicine Hat.

The Committee performs the following functions and duties:
  • to establish the criteria for the Committee to use for recommendations on Municipal Heritage Resource Designation to Council;
  • to establish and maintain a Registry of heritage resources that should be considered for designation;
  • to receive requests for designation and evaluate the request for designation of sites/resources and recommends designation to City Council;
  • to review development and demolition applications that may affect designated and potential heritage buildings, and makes recommendations to Planning, Building and Development Services; and,
  • to monitor the effectiveness of legislation which affects the City’s heritage conservation objectives and proposes appropriate amendments.
  • Board members serve a term of three years and may not be appointed for more than three consecutive terms.
Public Members
  • Malcolm Sissons, Chair
  • Earl Morris, Vice-Chair
  • Katalin Lang, Arts and Heritage Advisory Board Representative 
  • Sally Sehn
  • Patrick O'Brien
  • Wayne Lust

City Council Representative

  • Councillor Jamie McIntosh 

For more information contact Karen-Anne Cherwonogrodzky at 403.525.8607 or karche@medicinehat.ca