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It is important to enhance the public’s support and awareness of and participation in heritage resources conservation within the city of Medicine Hat. The Heritage Resources Committee is exploring opportunities to achieve more public awareness of the city’s Heritage Resources and how individuals can participate in furthering our city’s heritage value. We hope you visit this website often to learn and participate in the Heritage work of the Committee as well as take advantage of the information available through the Esplanade Archives. 

Open House and Presentation on the Benefits of Designation November 22, 2017

Free Public Education Course November 25, 2014

  • Gables, Mullions, and Corbels:  How to Identify Historic Residential Architectural Styles in Medicine Hat

Heritage Awards 2014
City Wins the Municipal Heritage Preservation Awards:

Heritage Trees of Medicine Hat

Heritage trees of Medicine Hat are those of particular interest because of history, age, size, shape, location or other special qualities. In Medicine Hat, seven trees have been designated as part of the Heritage Trees of Alberta Program. There are many more trees that could be designated. Perhaps of greatest importance are the stories which heritage trees have to share with us. Like historic buildings, pioneer families and past events, heritage trees are a living link to the past. They add to the full picture of our history and community. They are a direct connection to people and to nature. Please see the brochure for more information and the location of these trees.

Heritage Awards  2010
The Alberta Historical Resources Foundation has an annual awards program and the Heritage Resources Committee nominated projects and people for the 2010 Awards in four categories which were: Outstanding Achievement, Heritage Conservation Award, Municipal Heritage Preservation Award and Heritage Awareness Award.

These are very prestigious awards as only nine were selected in 2010 and of those nine Medicine Hat was the recipient of two. The Awards Ceremony was held on November 26, 2010 at the MacDonald Hall, Heritage Hall Building, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary. The Heritage Resources Committee and the Cypress Club were pleased to receive the Heritage Conservation Award for its excellence in the conservation and interpretation of the Cypress Club. At the same ceremony, the Friends of Medalta Society received the Municipal Heritage Conservation Award. See article below.

Heritage Articles
Please check back here to read about Heritage Conservation initiatives happening in the City.

Date  Title Description
04/28/2018  Dominion Grocery a reminder of another era Sixty-Seventh "Heritage in the Hat" article reminds us of the optimistic growth and development prior to the outbreak of WWI.  In particular, the building of a warehouse that still stands that was part of a goods distribution network for the booming city before the war. 
04/14/2018 The 'new' hospital Sixty-Sixth "Heritage in the Hat" article explains the history of the first hospital between Winnipeg and Vancouver that opened in Medicine Hat in 1890 and the opening of the 'new' hospital in 1958.  Also credits the support of the various women's organizations through the years. 
03/31/2018 The Safe Way in the Hat Sixty-Fifth "Heritage in the Hat" article gives the history of the Safeway grocery chain in Medicine Hat and the Safeway stores that existed in the early days of the Hat. 
03/17/2018 Faith in the Flats Sixty-Fourth "Heritage in the Hat" article explains the history behind some of the early churches that were built in the downtown core and the Flats. 
03/3/2018 Smith's Riverside Heritage Sixty-Third "Heritage in the Hat" article tells the story of the Smith family, the "City Stables" and one of the oldest residences in Riverside that is still standing.
02/17/2018 Medicine Hat's local menagerie Sixty-Second "Heritage in the Hat" article summarizes some of Medicine Hat's iconic animals, "not all of them alive today, or ever!"
02/03/2018 Re-purposing historic sites Sixty-First "Heritage in the Hat" article explains the history of the office building at the Medicine Hat Brick and Tile Provincial Historic Site and how it has been re-purposed for an artists' residence.
01/20/2018 The great ice harvest Sixtieth "Heritage in the Hat" article tells the story of how ice was harvested and sold for refrigeration in Medicine Hat up until 1952. 
01/06/2018 Reflections of a heritage geek Fifty-Ninth "Heritage in the Hat" article summarizes some of the work of the Heritage Resources Committee and criteria for Municipal Historic Resource designations.  
12/23/2017 The city's oldest extant school Fifty-Eighth "Heritage in the Hat" article gives the history of Medicine Hat's oldest standing and second permanent school. 
12/09/2017 Col. F.O. Sissons, Horseman and Soldier Fifty-Seventh "Heritage in the Hat" article tells the story of an early settler and his exciting life spent as a horseman in the pioneer era of the Canadian West. 
12/09/2017 Thank you Ad to thank all the 2017 Heritage Garden Donors and Volunteers.  A total of 194 hours were donated by volunteers in 2017. 
11/25/2017 Beveridge's New Furnishings Fifty-Sixth "Heritage in the Hat" article shares the history of the Beveridge Block and discusses the recent renovations to the building.
11/17/2017 Preserving local heritage The City's Heritage Assistant describes her role in supporting the Heritage Resources Committee.
11/11/2017 Clanky and Duffy Fifty-Fifth "Heritage in the Hat" article is on the Sherman tanks on display at Patterson Armoury and Riverside Veterans Memorial Park.   
10/28/2017 Boom Fifty-Fourth "Heritage in the Hat" article explains how Medicine Hat's boom years came to an end.
10/14/2017  Grandfather's craftsmanship, a Stacey home Fifty-Third "Heritage in the Hat" article tells the story of an early Medicine Hat builder, Mr. John Stacey, and the tour arranged for his grandson to see the homes built by his grandfather.  
09/30/2017 Spud the Rig Fifty-Second "Heritage in the Hat" article explains the history behind the return of a spudder drilling rig to the Medicine Hat Brick and Tile Historic Site. 
09/16/2017 The man in the mosaic  Fifty-First "Heritage in the Hat" article tells the history of Dr. Dan MacCharles as well as the mosaic located in Dan MacCharles Park that was designed by Luke Lindoe.
09/02/2017 Erasing history Fiftieth "Heritage in the Hat" article addresses the recent issue of statues of historical figures being removed.
08/19/2017 2017 Centennial Certificate Recipients Listing of commercial and public buildings that have celebrated a 100th anniversary or have received a centennial certificate in 2017.
08/19/2017 The greatest sale on earth Forty-Ninth "Heritage in the Hat" article shares the early history of a centennial building including their advertising practices in 1917.    
08/05/2017 Fill'er up!  Forty-Eighth "Heritage in the Hat" Article features the second of three buildings receiving a centennial certificate. 
07/22/2017 Sharland House history lies within  Shares the interesting finds in one of the City's Municipal Historic Resources when the house was stripped inside to remove asbestos.
07/22/2017 100-year-old restaurant hosted Stampede breakfasts Forty-Seventh "Heritage in the Hat" Article tells the story of the Club Cafe and how the building at 638 2nd Street SE has always been a restaurant. 
07/08/2017 Medicine Hat - Alberta's River City  Forty-Sixth "Heritage in the Hat" Article explains the City's boat building history and the fate of "The City of Medicine Hat."
06/24/2017 Home of a hero  Forty-Fifth "Heritage in the Hat" Article shares the story of a local hero and the home in which he was raised and the store his parents ran in the River Flats. 
06/24/2017 Public Invitation to Plaque Unveiling Ceremonies  Ad to invite the public to the Municipal Designation First Street South Municipal Historic Area and Monarch Theatre plaque unveilings on June 29, 2017
06/24/2017 Municipal historic resource plaque ceremonies June 29 Outlines details on the two plaque unveiling ceremonies planned for June 29, 2017 to mark the historic designations of the First Street South Municipal Historic Area and the Monarch Theatre. 
06/22/2017  Asbestos removal underway at delayed Sharland house Article provides an update on the restoration underway on one of Medicine Hat's Municipal Historic Resources, the McKenzie Sharland Grocery, and plans for the use of the resource. 
06/10/2017 Air raid siren voted a Municipal Historic Resource Medicine Hat's thirteenth Municipal historic designation is the last remaining Air raid siren in its original location along the Division Avenue South hill.  The article also discusses plans for two other sirens that were removed from their poles.
06/10/2017 Brewing tradition Forty-fourth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series tells the story of the long tradition of craft brewers in Medicine Hat.
05/27/2017 Castings and casings Forty-third article in the "Heritage in the Hat' series shares the history of The Alberta Foundry and Machine Co. and how the use of the factory changed over the years.   
05/13/2017 William T. Williams, architect Forty-second article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series on one of Medicine Hat's most prolific architects during the city's biggest building boom. 
05/06/2017 What the rock is a geoglyph Forty-first article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series that gives examples of geoglyphs and the one planned by the Royal United Services Institute for August 2017.  
04/29/2017 All aboard for the last train Fortieth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series that shares memories of passenger train travel from Medicine Hat until the last passenger train departed from the Medicine Hat station in the 1990s. 
04/15/2017     Order in the court! Thirty-ninth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series that shares the history of the various locations and courthouses where court was held in Medicine Hat's history. 
04/01/2017 Society made history  Thirty-Eighth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series summarizes the history of the Historical Society of Medicine Hat and District and the growth of the museum. 
03/24/2017 Future unknown for Riverside School building Discusses the possible future of Riverside School after it closes at the end of the 2017 school year. 
03/18/2017 Coronation Street Thirty-Seventh Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series discusses Hargrave Park and the stone arch that was built as part of the Coronation celebration of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth who visited Medicine Hat.
03/04/2017 Sign of the times Thirty-Sixth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series tells the story of the Huckvale Block, Assiniboia Hotel and more recently the Assiniboia Inn and its landmark sign.
02/18/2017     The little engine that could Thirty-Fifth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series tells the story of the coal train that hauled coal to Medicine Hat from the Ajax coal mine and the route it took.
02/04/2017          Alberta Clay Products, pride of the British Empire Thirty-Fourth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series summarizes the history of the Alberta Clay Products plant, and other brick, sewer pipe and tile initiatives in the Medicine Hat area.   
01/21/2017         Nazis of Medicine Hat  Thirty-Third Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series shares the history of Rhine Hall and one of Canada's biggest prisoner-of-war camps that housed more than 12,000 German prisoners. 
01/13/2017 School by the slough  Historic Photo of slough near Connaught School as follow-up to the Thirty-First Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series.   
01/07/2017 Dauntless Cement Factory had a short lifespan Thirty-Second Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series tells the story of the Canada Cement Factory and the village of Dauntless with its lifespan from 1912 - 1961. 
12/28/2016 Thank you to our 2016 Volunteers and Donors   Notice to acknowledge all the 2016 volunteers and donors who contributed time or resources to the Ewart Duggan House Heritage Garden. 
12/24/2016 Connaught, the school by the slough Thirty-First Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series shares the architectural and some social history of Connaught School.
12/17/2016 Recipients of 2016 Heritage Resources Committee Centennial Certificates Listing of commercial and public buildings that have celebrated a 100th anniversary and have received a Centennial Certificate in 2016. 
12/10/2016 The Emes brick collection  Thirtieth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series shares the history behind the brick collection donated by Ted Emes for display at the Medicine Hat Brick and Tile historic site., a Provincial Historic Resource. 
11/26/2016  Know just when to fold'em  Twenty-ninth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series summarizes the history of the brick industry in Redcliff and the steps being taken to make the site of the former brick plant a historic park. 
11/12/2016 Artifacts of War  Twenty-Eighth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series discusses some of the artifacts of war on display in Medicine Hat. 
10/29/2016 E.D. Bennett - the boom and the bust Twenty-Seventh Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series looks at the legacy of E. D. Bennett, land developer, realtor, and Alderman
10/15/2016 Refuge of ranchers and businessmen Twenty-Sixth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series shares the social and architectural history of the Cypress Club , designated as a Provincial Historic Resource in 2002.
10/01/2016 Just the facts, ma'am Twenty-Fifth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series shares some excellent resources to assist in researching the history of Medicine Hat.
09/22/2016 Sharland solution waits on zoning Diagrams show proposed development of the historic McKenzie Sharland property pending rezoning.
09/22/2016 Elizabeth Street historic designation made official Mayor Ted Clugston and Bill desBarres, a member of the Gas City Kiwanis Club, unveil the plaque that recognizes the Municipal Historic Resource designation of the former school, now the Gas City Kiwanis Centre. 
09/20/2016 Ceremony set to recognize Elizabeth Street School's historic designation  Invitation for the public to attend the plaque unveiling to honour the Elizabeth Street School (Gas City Kiwanis Centre) Municipal Historic Designation 
09/17/2016 Our Mounties Twenty-Fourth Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series explains the history of the NWMP in Medicine Hat .
09/07/2016 Monarch Theatre gets official historic status Article shares history on the Monarch Theatre being designated a Municipal Historic Resource and why the designation process had been stalled.
09/03/2016 Nothing quite like the Monarch Twenty-Third Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series recalls memories and history of the Monarch Theatre. Built in 1911 as a motion picture theatre and amusement house, it was the first of its kind in Canada. 
08/20/2016 The library's unique solar screen wall Twenty-Second Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series shares history of the city's past and present public library and the restoration of the unique hexagonal clay tile screen wall. 
08/17/2016 Sharland Home in limbo awaiting future  Brief history of the former McKenzie Sharland Grocery building and the current state following the flood of 2013. 
08/06/2016 Seven hundred years in the Seven Person coulee  Twenty-First Article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series outlines history of the Saamis Site what was designated as an Alberta Provincial Historic Resource in 1984. 
07/23/2016 The Laidlaw residence 1913 - 2016 Twentieth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series tells the story of the Laidlaw family and the relocation of their home that stood on First Street SW until it was demolished. 
07/09/2016 Made Locally Nineteenth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series describes the full range of locally manufactured building materials in the City's history. 
06/25/2016 An inspiring church Eighteenth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series shares history of the building of St. Patrick's Church that was named a national historic Site of Canada in 1990.
06/11/2016 Celebrate Medicine Hat's Railway district Seventeenth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series tells the story of the building of the Corona Hotel and Theatre. 
05/21/2016 Ewart Duggan house a Medicine Hat landmark Sixteenth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series tells the story of Jacquie Duggan who lived in the Ewart Duggan home for 86 years.  The house was designated a Provincial Historic Resource in 1993.
05/07/2016 Candy in the 100 Mile Diet Fifteenth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series shares the story of the Tabor Candy factory that was established in 1914 and expanded until declaring bankruptcy in 1931 due to the depression.  Additional uses for the building to this day are discussed.
05/05/2016 Crawford Dietrich designation Photo of the plaque unveiling on May 4, 2016 honouring the designation of the Crawford Dietrich residence as a Municipal Historic Resource. 
04/23/2016 The Jewel in the Crown  Fourteenth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series gives the history of the Crawford Dietrich Residence that was designated a Municipal Historic Resource on June 15, 2015.
04/14/2016 Historic Flats Sharland building vandalized A Municipal Historic Resource is vandalized.  Possible uses for the building are being discussed by the City. 
04/09/2016         You can make yourself at home in the Ewart Duggan heritage garden  Thirteenth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series describes the history of the development of the heritage garden and plans for the future.  The public is encouraged to enjoy the garden. 

St. John's Presbyterian Church the oldest in

Medicine Hat

Twelfth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series shares the history of Medicine Hat's 114 year old church that also served as Medicine Hat's first schoolhouse until Toronto Street school was built in 1889.  
03/12/2016 Alberta's first official Municipal Historical Area Eleventh article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series reviews the history behind the designation of First Street South area as a Municipal Historic Area and that Medicine Hat also has the "Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic District."
02/27/2016 Esplanade powerhouse and pumphouse  Tenth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series looks at the history of the city's original powerhouse and pumphouse.  
02/26&27/2016 Windows from historic structure returned to city & St. Theresa's a Medicine Hat institution for 59 years A use is being sought by the Medicine Hat & District Historical Society for the stained glass windows from St. Theresa's Academy that have returned to the city after more than 40 years.  A brief history of St. Theresa's Academy is shared.
02/13/2016 A second career for an elegant lady  Ninth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" series looks at the history of Elizabeth Street School that was designated a Municipal Historic Resource on February 1, 2016. 
02/02/2016 School designated The Kiwanis Centre and former Elizabeth Street School is designated a Municipal Historic Resource on February 1, 2016
01/30/2016 Above all, do no harm Eighth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" column.  Discusses what is acceptable when it comes to historic building conservation. 
01/28/2016     Herald Plan receives solid reviews from officials, residents The Herald Plan that involves the area from about 1st St. to 5th St.on the South Hill & from about 4th Ave. to River Heights School, earned high marks from the MPC as well as from some residents of the area.
01/16/2016 From Brier Brick to Brier Park  Seventh article in the "Heritage in the Hat" column.  History of Henry Brier and the brickyard he started, and how Brier Park got its name. 
01/2/2016 Historic names that tell a story Sixth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" column.  History behind the naming of the Seven Persons Creek, Ross Creek, the Cypress Hills and Altawana as per Altawana Drive.  
12/26/2015 2015 Centennial Certificates  Historic buildings that were recognized for being 100 years old or older that received Centennial Certificates in 2015. 
12/24/2015  Thank You  Ad to thank all the 2015 Ewart Duggan House Heritage Garden Donors and Volunteers.
12/19/2015 Riverside School was built in city's first suburb Fifth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" column. Discusses the history of the Riverside Park subdivision and the construction of Riverside School in 1914.
12/18/2015 Four properties in the Hat awarded grants by Alberta Historical Resources Foundation The Crawford Dietrich & Ueberrhein Dumanowski Residences as well as the McKenzie Sharland Grocery and St. John's Presbyterian Church, all of which are Municipal Historic Resources, received Alberta Historical Resources Foundation Grants.
12/11/2015 Hull Block officially receives its historical designation A plaque recognizing the Municipal Historic Designation of Hull Block is unveiled on December 10, 2015.
12/05/2015  Hull Block, now Gaslight Plaza, has had long history in city's downtown & Ceremony Dec. 10 to mark historic significance of the Hull Block Fourth article in the "Heritage in the Hat" column.  The Hull Block housed Eaton's for 64 years.  It's now home to Gaslight Plaza.  A plaque unveiling in recognition of the historic significance will take place on December 10, 2015.  The Hull Block has been designated a Municipal Historic Resource.   
11/21/2015 Knowing backstory of historic place makes it meaningful Third article in the "Heritage in the Hat" column.  National Trust Conference speaker notes that we need to know the story associated with a historic place to make it meaningful. 
11/07/2015  War history in Medicine Hat and the evidence to prove it Second article in the "Heritage in the Hat" column.  Summarizes Medicine Hat's long and rich war history.
10/24/2015 Committee doing its best to save remaining heritage First article in the column "Heritage in the Hat."   Outlines the role of the Heritage Resources Committee and gives history of the old Medicine Hat Post Office built in 1908.
06/18/2015 Historic Home 

The Crawford Dietrich Residence is designated as a Municipal Historic Resource.

06/12/2015 The Ewart Duggan house:  A place for everyone  The Ewart Duggan House built in 1887 is acknowledged as the oldest brick residence in Alberta and was proclaimed a Provincial Historic Site in 1993.  The Heritage Resources  Committee developed a Heritage Garden Sub-Committee which is restoring the garden to its former beauty.    
06/03/2015  Signs of Summer Volunteer looks after flowers at Ewart Duggan House Heritage Garden as part of activity to celebrate Seniors' Week. 



Elizabeth Street School

to be suggested for

historical designation

Following a written request by the Chair of the HRC, the City's Public Services Committee will be recommending to Council Elizabeth Street School be designated as a historic resource. 
04/14/2015 Who's on First?               Key pieces of city's plan for First Street and area's redevelopment coming soon. 

Recipients of 2014 Heritage Resources Committee Centennial Certificates

List of commercial and public buildings on the 100th anniversary of their construction.
02/10/2015 Historic Inventory Open House Invitation to the public to join in the final open house for the three-year Historic Inventory Project on February 11, 2015.
01/24/2015 Volunteers - Life Blood of Our Country An article celebrating volunteers including those for the Ewart Duggan House Heritage Garden. 
12/19/2014 Ewart Duggan House Heritage Garden 2014 Volunteer and Donor Appreciation A special thanks to all the donors and volunteers as well to the staff and participants of Job Corps.
12/18/2014 Council officially considering bylaw protection for First Street The bylaw passed first reading and will be brought back in the spring when another development plan for the area is debated.  The Heritage Resources Committee hopes to restrict changes in order to protect the streetscape of one of Medicine Hat's oldest and most stately neighbourhoods.
11/22/2014 Does your home have style? & Home sense Historical architecture style workshop titled "Gables, Mullions and Corbels:  How to Identify Historic Residential Architectural Styles in Medicine Hat" is presented by the Heritage Resources Committee. 
11/18/2014 Helping hands Donors mingle at the volunteer and donor appreciation event in the Ewart Duggan house.
11/17/2014 Volunteers celebrated for efforts to restore Ewart-Duggan house Garden volunteers recognized as well as two members of the Medicine Hat Fibre Arts Club for their work in recreating a curtain which hangs on the front door of Ewart Duggan house.
11/14/2014 Does your home have style? Advertisement for public education course on how to identify historic residential architectural styles in Medicine Hat.
10/25/2014 Providing Essential Context Background on the development of the  Ewart Duggan House Heritage Garden.
10/16/2014  City recognized for efforts in historic preservation Medicine Hat is recipient of the Municipal Heritage Preservation award given biannually by Alberta Culture. 
10/11/2014 Protect First Street, say HRC The HRC plans to reintroduce protection measures for Tree-lined boulevard on First Street South.
10/07/2014 First street zoning change OK'd Council votes 5 - 3 to make change, allows historic home to be turned into offices.
08/30/2014 Status quo fine for First Street Heritage Resources Committee tell The News a "Statement of Significance" for First Street has been forwarded to City administration and is being reviewed.
08/29/2014 Province gives more than $450K for historic properties damaged by 2013 flood Three local historic properties, two of which have municipal designations, receive provincial grants to help preserve their historic value.

Lawyer wants to turn Century-old home into law office

Historic First Street home is the subject of a proposed zoning bylaw change to allow a local law firm to operate in the residential neighbourhood.

Restoration begins for

McKenzie Sharland Home

Following the flood of 2013, work has finally begun to restore this historic grocery that has been designated as a Municipal Historic Resource. 
07/04/2014 Historic homes to be celebrated on anniversary of Great War As part of the centennial's commemoration of the Great War, the Esplanade, Heritage Resources Committee and Medicine Hat Public Library are celebrating the Medicine Hat Historic Homes Festival.
04/05/2014 The House That Flowers Built History of the first home in the City to receive status as a Municipal Historic Resource.is shared.  The link to flowers is explained.  

Workshop for researching historic homes

Two workshops are being offered to help homeowners research their historic homes and to learn about the Historic Homes Festival being held July 31st - August 10, 2014. (PDF)

12/28/2013 Heritage Resources Committee 2013 Centennial Certificates Lists commercial and public buildings that received Centennial Certificates on the 100th anniversary of their construction. 

Earl Kitchener to be family's home

Earl Kitchener is on the Heritage Resources Committee Places of Interest list.  They are pleased the owner plans to preserve the entire outside and much of the interior of this historic resource. (PDF)
11/14/2013 Historic home to be saved Historic home set for demolition after the June 2013 flood is to be saved. (PDF)
07/18/2013 Historic Flats home still unlivable Historic home scheduled to receive heritage status in damaged by flood. 
07/03/2013 Council looks at upgraded designation for historic home City Council approves the necessary steps to move toward Municipal Historic Resource designation of the Crawford Dietrich Residence. 


Recipients of 2012 Heritage Resource Committee Centennial Certificates Local public and commercial buildings selected to receive Centennial Certificates to mark 100 years since their construction. (PDF)
12/21/2012 List of Century-Old Buildings Released Heritage Resouce Committee has released a list of 22 local public and commercial buildings that will receive Centennial Certificates to mark 100 years since their construction. (PDF)
11/22/2012 Kiwanis Club Makes Hefty Donation to Duggan House Medicine Hat Kiwanis Club presents the Heritage Resource Committee a donation cheque. (PDF)
11/20/2012 Hatters Invited to Give Opinions on Heritage Choices Tonight at Open House Medicine Hat Residents will get a chance to speak for their favourite old buildings at Historic Inventory Open House. (PDF)
11/19/2012 Historic Inventory Open House Provides an opportunity for the public to learn about the Historic Inventory and provide input on Medicine Hat historical resources. (PDF)
11/7/2012 Queen's Jubilee Medals Handed Out Two Gas City citizens stack up best after being honoured for their contributions. (PDF)
10/19/2012 Historic Finlay Bridge, officially  Ald. Jeremy Thompson & Mayor Boucher unveil a plaque recognizing Finlay Bridge as a Municipal Historic Resource 
10/18/2012  A look at history  Inviting the public to a plaque unveiling ceremony honouring Finlay bridge as a Municipal Historic Resource 
8/01/2012 Sprucing up history The new picket fence at the Ewart Duggan House gets another coat of paint...(PDF)
07/19/2012 Ewart-Duggan house coming along quite nicely Discusses progress on the construction of the picket fence at the Ewart-Duggan House and plans for the garden
05/24/2012 River Dental situation a good exercise in democracy Editorial by Chair of the Heritage Resources Committee redevelopment of a parking lot on historic First Street South.
04/30/2012 Making History Unveiling St. John's Presbyterian Church "Municipal Historic Resource" plaque.
03/23/2012 Open house to talk First Street history and more Public invited to an open house to discuss idea of designating First Street as a Municipal Historic Area.
6/18/ 2011 Heritage Garden Project Ready For Historic House A project aimed at bringing the gardens of the Ewart Duggan House back to their late 1800s glory is set to kick off next week. (PDF)
6/11/2011 A Heritage Garden Grows  Mayor Norm Boucher and Malcolm Sissons plat rhubarb at the Ewart Duggan House as part of heritage garden project. (PDF)
5/19/2010 Heritage Committee Takes Inventory of Local Sites From churches and homes to commercial buildings and natural features, Medicine Hat’s newly formed Heritage
Resources Committee has drawn up a list of some of the community’s most important historic treasures. (PDF)
5/18/2010 Garden Makeover ... 1887 Edition Medicine Hat’s historic Ewart Duggan house may soon get an oldfashioned garden makeover. (PDF)
12/4/2010 Old Bank Gets First Heritage Designation Medicine Hat’s first municipally designated heritage building has been chosen. (PDF)
12/2/2010 Local Buildings Stand Test of Time Two of the eight recipients of
the 2010 Alberta Heritage Awards
are from Medicine Hat.
Marking History Unveiling Merchant Bank of Canada building "Municipal Historic Resource" plaque (PDF)


Promoting Medicine Hat’s Heritage

The Municipal Heritage Partnership Program annually hosts a Municipal Heritage Forum. On September 30, 2010, at the Arrata Opera Centre in Calgary, the City of Medicine Hat along with the Heritage Resources Committee was asked to present the Heritage Resources Committee’s formulation and work to-date to other municipalities and heritage advisory groups.


Heritage Links