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What is a subdivision?

Subdivision usually means dividing one parcel of land into two or more smaller parcels, so that separate Certificates of Title can be registered by the Land Titles Office.  To subdivide, you must apply to the Planning & Development Services Department.

When do I need subdivision approval?

  • When creating lots for new developments.
  • When creating separate land titles for each unit of a duplex or row housing.
  • When creating separate land titles for each dwelling on a single property.
Supporting Documents
New Application Requirements

Effective November 1, 2012 the Subdivision and Development Regulation (Alberta Regulation 160/2012) has changed. The changes relate to the Subdivision and Development requirements around abandoned well sites. The newly added provisions require additional information to be submitted with subdivision applications.

In order to ensure that our approval process is in compliance with the Provincial regulations, all new Subdivision and Development Permit applications must include the City of Medicine Hat’s standardized Abandoned Wells Confirmation Form and a map from the AER (ERCB) showing the absence or presence of abandoned wells on the subject site.   ERCB (AER) Directive 079 applies to all abandoned wells licensed by the ERCB.

City of Medicine Hat Abandoned Wells

The following links provide further information regarding the new requirements for subdivision applications. Condominium Conversion
Converting a building to a condominium allows the owner to sell each dwelling unit in a residential building, or each bay in a commercial / industrial building to a separate owner. Municipal Names Committee
The purpose of the Municipal Names Committee is to establish and maintain the Names Registry. The Municipal Names Committee receives and evaluates proposed names to be added to the Names Registry and be made available for the naming of municipal facilities, parks, roadways and new neighborhoods. The Municipal Names Committee is also responsible for recommending municipal facility names to the Administrative Committee and Council. The public can submit proposals to the committee for new names for future roadways and municipal facilities.