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Safety Codes Services

The Safety Codes section of the Planning and Development Services Department is the approving authority for new construction or renovations of buildings within the City of Medicine Hat. Safety Codes Officers (SCOs) are responsible for ensuring compliance with the various codes through the issuance of permits, plans examination and performing inspections in accordance to our Uniform Quality Management Plan.

Safety Codes Permit Bylaw


Codes and standards available online

Current electronic editions of the following codes are available free of charge. Printed versions are available at a reduced price.

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    • National Building Code of Canada
    • National Fire Code of Canada
    • National Plumbing Code of Canada
    • National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings
    • Alberta Building Code
    • Alberta Fire Code
  • Barrier-Free Design Guide 2017 - visit Safety Codes Council site
Contact (office)
Manager of Safety Codes Services
Elgin Mann Jr., Chief Building Inspector
Office: 403.529.8225

Residential Plans Examination and Code Review
Joe Cruz, Building SCO
Office: 403.529.8205

Commercial Plans Examination and Code Review
Zane DesRoches, Building SCO
Office: 403.529.8207
Contact (field inspections)

Residential Building
Phone: 403.529.8204

Garth Widmer, Building SCO

Sean Streifel, Building SCO

Darcy Gertner, Building SCO


Residential and Commercial Electrical
Phone: 403.529.8210

Gary Christensen, Electrical SCO

Dan Beaton, Electrical SCO


Residential and Commercial Plumbing, Heating, Gas, HVAC
Phone: 403.529.8202

Murray Vine, Mechanical SCO

Ken Mew, Mechanical SCO