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Information on this page relates to new residential driveways/parking pads or increasing the size of an existing driveway.


You will require approval from Planning & Development Services for driveway construction if the answer to any of the following is "yes":

1.  You wish to increase the width of an existing driveway, or

2.  You wish to construct a driveway that is wider than 10 meters, or wider than 2/3 of your lot's front width (whichever is less), or

3.  You wish to construct a driveway in a mature neighbourhood (not new, nor still under development), or

4.  Your planned driveway will have an impact on City infrastructure. Examples would be:

  Removal or alteration of a City curb and gutter, or
  Construction across a City street boulevard, or
  Impact to the preservation of a City tree, including the root system.



Please review this user guide before you apply online:
icon_PDFUser Guide for ePermit (Driveways)


In person

You may drop by Planning & Development Services and we will assist you, or you can complete this form and and submit it to Planning & Development Services.

icon_PDFDriveway Permit Application

Planning & Development Services
Second floor, City Hall
580 1st Street SE
Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 8E6
Phone 403.529.8374

A Planning or Development Officer will check your application and you will be notified regarding approval. A permit fee is payable when the permit is approved and issued. Applicants typically pay in person at the counter of Planning & Development Services. The City accepts payments in cash, cheques and debit (not credit cards).

  View fee schedule.

Before you start pouring concrete, make sure you have approvals!

Choosing to proceed with driveway construction without obtaining the necessary approvals may have serious consequences; including removal of the driveway at the owner’s expense. The Medicine Hat Land Use Bylaw #4168 is the governing document for all developments within Medicine Hat, including driveway construction. Contractors and homeowners who are planning projects should familiarize themselves with the regulations in this document.

For your convenience, the sections of the Bylaw pertaining to driveways have been compiled into 3 short pages, available below:
icon_PDFDriveway info - Land Use Bylaw

Driveway Crossings Construction Details figures are available below from Municipal Servicing Standards Manual):
icon_PDFDriveway Crossings Construction Details

Don't remove survey markers: Boundary markers are one-meter long metal pins inserted in the ground at the intersection of property lines. It is illegal to remove or tamper with these markers. For more info, view below:
icon_PDFGuide to Survey Markers.

A typical driveway permit is less than $200.00.
Fees are updated annually.

  View fee schedule

Having an extra-wide impermeable driveway may sound like a good idea if you want more parking or you just don’t like maintaining lawn. However, a very large driveway has negatives:

•  You must apply for a Development Permit, which involves a fee
•  Can lower your home's curb appeal
•  Long-term maintenance and replacement can be expensive
•  Increases run-off, which is less environmentally responsible
•  Reduces street parking
•  Multiple large driveways on a street can negatively affect the character of a neighbourhood

Consider alternatives like low-maintenance xeriscaping, mulch or permeable paving stone. There are many options that offer more decorative and eco-friendly solutions than concrete. For ideas, see:

•  Water Efficient Landscaping
  Landscaping and Ponds


For more information:

Drop by Planning & Development Services and we will be happy to help you. It is advisable to phone ahead if you would like to meet with someone to talk about obtaining approval.

We are open Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm.

Planning & Development Services
2nd Floor, City Hall 580 1st Street SE
Medicine Hat, AB
Phone 403.529-8374
General inquiries: