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New Seniors Centre

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Latest News from the Building Committee

November 2016 

Updated detailed designs of the Senior Centre Development Project were shared with the public at an open house at the Strathcona Centre on Nov. 28. Attendees were able to ask staff and the architect questions, see site plans and floor plans, and learn more about the project.


Senior Centre Development

Veiner Centre 

Strathcona Centre

October 2016 Detailed design of the project is approximately 60% complete. Revisions to the design will be shared with the public at an Open House scheduled for November 28, 2016 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Strathcona Centre. Changes to the design have been made as a result of the input and comments from the Open House in June, which included discussion on the trees, pathways etc. from the nearby home owners. The project continues to be on schedule, and the next major steps include tendering the work in January / February 2017, with the intent to start the actual construction in the spring.
August 2016 

Council approved the Seniors Centre development design for the Veiner Centre and Strathcona Centre at its Aug. 2, 2016 meeting.

Staff worked with FWBA Architects to create a design that would maximize the use of the current Veiner Centre main floor, minimize the size of required expansion and take advantage of the Strathcona Centre for specific functional programming. A combination of renovated space, demolition/construction and new expansion will occur at the Veiner Centre building.

• Senior Centre design (PDF)
Senior Centre walk through video (YouTube)

Council also approved a Seniors Centre development construction budget of $11.6 million. This project will be funded using the $1.46 million received from insurance and $10.14 million funded by debenture.

At the meeting, Council also directed staff to examine alternative models, along with the associated costs, for operation of the Seniors Centre.

City staff will continue forward with FWBA Architects to commence work on detailed design and construction drawings, which are anticipated to be complete in October 2016.

July 2016 Design development continues.

Bring forward formal capital budget amendment through Public Services Committee (targeting July 25) to City Council (targeting August 2).
June 2016 Met with SCAC and Building Committee representatives on June 7 and 14 to review proposed site plans, floor plans and basic building elevations and receive feedback.

Provided design briefing to City Council members.

On June 27, provided opportunity for nearby property owners along Woodman Ave and Washington Way to view and comment on site plans.

Initiated discussion with Lions Club regarding Veiner Centre expansion plans and potential impact upon existing Lions Kitchen.

Proposed site and floor plans circulated to City technical departments for preliminary comment prior to development permit application.

Design development continues.

 May 2016

Currently working through various issues to ensure proposed design conforms to all parameters including budget, functional space needs and development requirements. Expect to be in a position in June to host information session(s) for SCAC Building Committee to inform of site plans, floor plans and basic building elevations; receive feedback. 


April - May 2016

Included meetings with Planning, Building and Development Services and Parks and Recreation to address specific development requirements related to the Veiner Centre site and both the Lion’s Park to the immediate north and residential area to the immediate south. 


 March - May 2016

Six design meetings conducted with FWBA Architects to propose the allocation of required functional spaces between the Veiner Centre and the Strathcona Centre and develop preliminary site and floor plan designs.


 March 2016

Updated functional space needs directly with seniors clubs / groups through survey.


 March 2016

Information to Project Stakeholders sheet developed and issued to SCAC reps for stakeholder communication purposes.


 February 2016

Design Architect (FWBA Architects) re-engaged to commence design work on Veiner Centre site as Council approval issued Feb 1st. Project scheduling and project scope established.


 February 1, 2016 City Council approved proceeding with Option 3 of the Veiner Centre options analysis for a new seniors centre. Option 3 includes refurbishment of existing space, adding an expansion, and use of other City facilities to support total functional program. Council also asked Staff to consider including a fitness facility component directly into the refurbished and expanded Veiner Centre Building. Estimated capital cost is $11.6 million and operating costs are expected to increase between $175,000 and $325,000 (over 2012 base year).

Next steps:
  • A schematic design recommendation and capital budget amendment will be brought forward for Council approval in Spring 2016. 
  • Detailed design and construction drawings would occur over the Summer 2016. 
  • Construction would be tendered in early Fall 2016 with a potential construction start time frame of Fall 2016.
Consultation with the seniors community through the various seniors activities Club Chair’s and the Senior Citizen’s Advisory Committee will continue as design development progresses.

 January 28, 2016

Public Services Committee was presented with the analysis of three options for the Veiner Centre, including functional space and cost comparisons. Public Services Committee recommended Option 3 to Council for consideration. The item will come to Council's regular meeting on Feb. 1, 2016.

The recommended option includes refurbishment of existing space, adding an expansion, and use of other City facilities to support total functional program. Estimated capital cost is $11.6 million and operating costs are expected to increase between $175,000 and $325,000 (over 2012 base year).

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