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May 2, 2017
A great crowd of City officials, members of the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee and project staff were on hand for the official sod turning at the Veiner Centre site of the  Seniors Centre Redevelopment Project. 
November 2016

Updated detailed designs of the Seniors Centre Development Project were shared with the public at an open house at the Strathcona Centre on Nov. 28. Attendees were able to ask staff and the architect questions, see site plans and floor plans, and learn more about the project.

Seniors Centre Development

Veiner Centre 

Strathcona Centre

October 2016

Detailed design of the project is approximately 60% complete. Revisions to the design will be shared with the public at an Open House scheduled for November 28, 2016 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Strathcona Centre.

Changes to the design have been made as a result of the input and comments from the Open House in June, which included discussion on the trees, pathways etc. from the nearby home owners. The project continues to be on schedule, and the next major steps include tendering the work in January / February 2017, with the intent to start the actual construction in the spring.

August 2016 

Council approved the Seniors Centre development design for the Veiner Centre and Strathcona Centre at its Aug. 2, 2016 meeting.

Staff worked with FWBA Architects to create a design that would maximize the use of the current Veiner Centre main floor, minimize the size of required expansion and take advantage of the Strathcona Centre for specific functional programming. A combination of renovated space, demolition/construction and new expansion will occur at the Veiner Centre building. 

• Senior Centre design (PDF) 
• Senior Centre walk through video (YouTube)

Council also approved a Seniors Centre development construction budget of $11.6 million. This project will be funded using the $1.46 million received from insurance and $10.14 million funded by debenture. 

At the meeting, Council also directed staff to examine alternative models, along with the associated costs, for operation of the Seniors Centre. 

City staff will continue forward with FWBA Architects to commence work on detailed design and construction drawings, which are anticipated to be complete in October 2016.

 July 2016 Design development continues.

Bring forward formal capital budget amendment through Public Services Committee (targeting July 25) to City Council (targeting August 2).
 June 2016 Met with SCAC and Building Committee representatives on June 7 and 14 to review proposed site plans, floor plans and basic building elevations and receive feedback.

Provided design briefing to City Council members.

On June 27, provided opportunity for nearby property owners along Woodman Ave and Washington Way to view and comment on site plans.

Initiated discussion with Lions Club regarding Veiner Centre expansion plans and potential impact upon existing Lions Kitchen.

Proposed site and floor plans circulated to City technical departments for preliminary comment prior to development permit application.

Design development continues.
 May 2016

Currently working through various issues to ensure proposed design conforms to all parameters including budget, functional space needs and development requirements. Expect to be in a position in June to host information session(s) for SCAC Building Committee to inform of site plans, floor plans and basic building elevations; receive feedback. 


April - May 2016

Included meetings with Planning, Building and Development Services and Parks and Recreation to address specific development requirements related to the Veiner Centre site and both the Lion’s Park to the immediate north and residential area to the immediate south. 


 March - May 2016

Six design meetings conducted with FWBA Architects to propose the allocation of required functional spaces between the Veiner Centre and the Strathcona Centre and develop preliminary site and floor plan designs.


 March 2016

Updated functional space needs directly with seniors clubs / groups through survey.


 March 2016

Information to Project Stakeholders sheet developed and issued to SCAC reps for stakeholder communication purposes.


 February 2016

Design Architect (FWBA Architects) re-engaged to commence design work on Veiner Centre site as Council approval issued Feb 1st. Project scheduling and project scope established.


 February 1, 2016 City Council approved proceeding with Option 3 of the Veiner Centre options analysis for a new seniors centre. Option 3 includes refurbishment of existing space, adding an expansion, and use of other City facilities to support total functional program. Council also asked Staff to consider including a fitness facility component directly into the refurbished and expanded Veiner Centre Building. Estimated capital cost is $11.6 million and operating costs are expected to increase between $175,000 and $325,000 (over 2012 base year).

Next steps:
  • A schematic design recommendation and capital budget amendment will be brought forward for Council approval in Spring 2016. 
  • Detailed design and construction drawings would occur over the Summer 2016. 
  • Construction would be tendered in early Fall 2016 with a potential construction start time frame of Fall 2016.
Consultation with the seniors community through the various seniors activities Club Chair’s and the Senior Citizen’s Advisory Committee will continue as design development progresses.

 January 28, 2016

Public Services Committee was presented with the analysis of three options for the Veiner Centre, including functional space and cost comparisons. Public Services Committee recommended Option 3 to Council for consideration. The item will come to Council's regular meeting on Feb. 1, 2016.

The recommended option includes refurbishment of existing space, adding an expansion, and use of other City facilities to support total functional program. Estimated capital cost is $11.6 million and operating costs are expected to increase between $175,000 and $325,000 (over 2012 base year).

Click here to read the details of all three options presented.


 October 2015 Administration is developing the analysis of the three options identified by Council. The functional program elements previously established with the Building Committee is being utilized in this work. Ferrari Westwood Babits is engaged in the process. Information is expected to go to Public Services Committee and Council in December.

 September 2015

City Council received for information the feedback from the Seniors Centre public engagement process, as well as a recommendation from the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee to build the senior centre at the College/Primrose Drive location.

Council approved that the seniors centre be located at the present Veiner Centre location. Further, council directed administration to complete and present a detailed scope with budget for approval of options, including:

  • using the main floor of the present Veiner Centre building
  • adding on to the present Veiner Centre building
  • using the present Veiner Centre, Strathcona Centre and potentially other buildings
June/July 2015 Medicine Hat residents are invited to learn about the options being considered for a new seniors centre and provide opportunity for feedback. Click here to read more and provide feedback.

May 2015 Council directs staff to inform public of remaining key options under consideration and solicit public input.

February 2015 – April 2015 The Building Committee reviewed additional options including ascribing pros and cons to each.

January 2015 City Council approved $1.0 Million as part of 2015 Capital Budget for additional planning / design work towards the construction of a new Seniors Centre.

December 2014 Administration re-engaged Ferrari Westwood Babits Architects to assist in evaluating further options including scope reductions to the originally proposed design and options to leverage both the Crestwood Recreation Centre and the Family Leisure Centre.

November 2014

City Council approved the following three recommendations: 

  • That the existing Veiner Centre building no longer be used to house seniors services and be repurposed for other uses consistent with other civic plans / priorities as determined by a corporate asset management led process. 
  • That plans to build a new Seniors Centre expeditiously move forward subject to capital budget capacity determined by City Council. 
  • That those plans explore, in conjunction with the SCAC (Building Sub-Committee), the option of reducing the scope of the originally proposed design and further consideration of options that leverage existing leisure and recreation facilities to maximize the community’s investment in a Seniors Centre.
September 2014 – October 2014

The Building Committee developed an Option #1 for the College / Primrose Drive site reducing building size +/- 30% and Administration conducted a thorough functional analysis of flood-damaged Veiner Centre.


 August 14, 2014

City Council was presented with the Building Committee’s recommended building design, site layout and capital budget (36,000 ft2 building and 145 parking stalls for $19.9 million). Council directed Administration to:

  • Consider affordability of proposed design related to other priorities and funding sources including potential of reduced funding envelope. 
  • Explore and recommend options on reduced scope.
  • Review restoration of existing Veiner Centre as interim solution.  Work in collaboration with the Seniors Centre Building Committee.
August 11, 2014

A visual presentation of the proposed new seniors centre was presented at the Public Services Committee meeting.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Click here to view the Public Services Committee agenda package.

July 17, 2014
The Building Committee met again today with the design consultants, Ferrari Westwood Babits, and they will be recommending acceptance of the following schematic design through the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee to the Public Services Committee. It is expected that this recommendation will be reviewed at the open Public Services Committee meeing on August 11th and that it will subsequently be received by City Council on August 18th.
June 27, 2014 There was an air of excitement, as, a year almost to the day that the Veiner Centre flooded, the initial architectural plans by Ferrari Westwood Babits for a new Seniors Centre were revealed. Between 5 and 7 pm. a steady stream of over 80 people came to the Kinplex to view the evolution of the process leading up to the present drawings. There were some concerns such as: the need for sufficient parking, the allocation of space for certain activities, the external profile of the building, etc. City officials were available to answer questions; Architects Chris Babits and David Cocks were busy taking notes; this was the time for these thoughts to come forward. In general, there was an appreciation for the work done by the Building Committee and for the design thus far. The Building Committee will meet tomorrow to consider these ideas and to continue to move the project ahead. We are targeting taking the recommended design and capital budget request forward to City Council on August 5.

June 25, 2014
June 2, 2014


The Senior Citizens Advisory Committee invites you to join them for another Seniors Centre Open House. Wednesday, June 18th 4:00-6:00pm at Strathcona Centre. Ferrari Westwood Babits Architecture consultants and City staff will be on hand to discuss the function space needs identified for the new Seniors Centre, the guilding principles used to develop the building and the resulting high site plan and building floor plan. The focus will be on the organization of spaces in the building, the capacity of those spaces and the flexible/multi-use approach being recommended to meet program needs.


May 1, 2014
 April 24, 2014

At the open house held this date, seven presentation boards were displayed by architects Chris Babits and David Cocks (Ferrari Westwood Babits Architects, Lethbridge). The architects were in attendance along with City of Medicine Hat staff and members of the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee.
The boards included the vision for the Seniors Centre, as well as the process, principles and influences guiding the Building Committee as they plan for the Centre. They then narrowed in on the chosen land, showing considerations such as bus and vehicle access, prevailing winds, views, potential for golf balls and spring runoff, as well as optimal orientation for solar management. For purposes of discussion, two initial concepts for the site of the building were proposed. They elicited numerous comments, concerns and suggestions, which were noted by the officials. It is estimated that about 75 citizens were present.


April 16, 2014

The Senior Citizens Advisory Committee invites the public to an open house on April 24, 2014 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Strathcona Centre. 

The purpose will be to enable stakeholders an informal drop-in opportunity to learn about the siting of the new Seniors Centre building at the chosen location on College Drive, including any influences requiring consideration. Steps being taken to establish the building program will also be shown. Architects Chris Babits and David Cocks (from the firm Ferrari Westwood Babits Architecture – Lethbridge) and City Staff will be on hand to discuss options and answer questions. Some very high level diagrams of the building site will be available for viewing. Schematic renderings of the actual building are still under development and will be available in the month of May.


April 2, 2014

We have architects! 


The firm “Ferrari Westwood Babits” from Lethbridge has been chosen as the architectural consultant for the new Seniors Centre.

They have been given information about past needs and operations of the Veiner and Strathcona Centres, the ideas gained from the two public workshops in November, as well as suggestions gleaned from presentations by the managers of the Alberta Association of Seniors Centres.

Yesterday, the architects Chris Babits and David Cocks, City Staff, and the Building Committee, had their initial meeting. 


Over April and May, they will be actively working on compiling space requirements into design options, exploring the location of the building on the approved site, and preparing a proposed design and capital budget for presentation to City Council.


March 3, 2014

The first step toward the building of the new Seniors Centre in Medicine Hat was completed tonight. The mayor and councillors voted unanimously to approve the site on the corner of College Drive SE and Primrose Drive SE, known as the Connaught site. 

Councillor Pearson reminisced about former Alderman Kelly’s directive to let the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee drive the site selection; after originally favouring the Veiner Centre site Councillor Dumanowski switched his support to Connaught; Councillor Varga hoped that the passion seen at the July City Council meeting would continue; Councillor Friesen commented on the evidence-based approach to site selection; Mayor Clugston felt that the biggest hurdle was the selection of the site and said that finalizing this step had made council’s job easier!


February 10, 2014

Today was a very exciting day for the Senior Citizen’s Advisory Committee (SCAC), the Building Committee that reports to them, and we hope for seniors and all residents of Medicine Hat! We went to the Public Services Committee (PSC) and presented our choice of site for approval by the PCS to recommend to City Council. It is the area east of the intersection of College Drive SE and Primrose Drive SE, which is also east of Primrose Villa. It is approximately 3.3 acres, where the staging area for the Connaught upgrade was located.

From a number of possible locations put forward by private individuals, and the City’s Lands and Properties and Parks Departments, twelve were shortlisted. These were put through an evaluation matrix. The main headings were: Location/Accessibility, Economics, Construction & Site Conditions, and Encumbrances/Known Issues, Concerns or Challenges, with more detailed items under each. The sites were examined in an impartial and tangible manner, and rated as to the suitability of each item. The Building Committee spent a long day doing this on January 16, 2014.

The top rated sites were submitted to the City’s Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) for further evaluation. The Connaught site had the highest rating and was also endorsed by the TCC. This was accepted by the Building Committee on January 30, 2014. 

On February 3, an extraordinary meeting of the SCAC was held, and a motion was passed to request that the PSC recommend this site to City Council. 


Today, the chosen site was well received by PSC; the Councillors assured us that they would support it. The merits were: it is “high and dry”, close to downtown, has good aesthetics and frequent transit. It was noted that while some may be saddened by leaving the former site, it was hoped that they would come to the new one. The need to “do it right” and “plan for the future” was again emphasized. Appreciation was expressed to City staff, the SCAC and the Building Committee, recognizing the time and effort expended. 


Also mentioned was pleasure in the consultation with the public, the rigorous process used in selecting the site, the confidentiality maintained until the announcement, and the speed with which the site has been selected. Former Chair of the PSC, Alderman Graham Kelly, was recognized for his part in jumpstarting the replacement of the new Seniors Centre in Medicine Hat. 


This will go forward to City Council on March 3, 2014. It is the first step. Meanwhile, the Building Committee will be hard at work on the next steps.

 January 17, 2014

 Welcome to seniors and to all those interested in “what’s going on with the new Seniors Centre.”

As background, at the September 3, 2013 City Council meeting, the Public Services Committee (PSC) recommendation that “a new Seniors Centre be constructed” was passed. Numerous sites were evaluated by City staff, with the Veiner Centre site and one by the Crestwood pool being recommended. In a public meeting, both were rejected. At the September 14, 2013 meeting the PSC members agreed that “the Senior Citizen’s Advisory Committee (SCAC) and [City] administration present a recommendation for a new Seniors’ Centre site for City Council’s consideration.”

The SCAC held 2 public consultation sessions in mid-November 2013, to determine residents’ vision of what a new centre should be. The illustrated results were presented at an open house at the Strathcona Centre and continue to be displayed there and on the City website.

The Seniors Centre Development Project: Building Committee (Building Committee), which will report to the SCAC, was formed. The Building Committee is comprised of 3 members of the public, 4 SCAC members and 3 City representatives. These members quickly got on board and became engaged. Meetings have been held November 29, December 5 and 19, 2013, January 9 and 16, 2014.

Expressions of Interest were called for from the public, asking for available land of about 2.5 acres. This closed on January 7, 2014. The Land and Properties department, and the Parks and Recreation department from the City also provided possible sites. A number of these are now under consideration.

An update was provided to the PSC on January 13, 2014.