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* Partial Accessibility *

Getting There

  • Address - 

    2055 21st Avenue SE     

  • Phone

    : 403-527-9570
  • The Kinplex is Medicine Hat's only twin arena (Kin I and Kin II) making it the perfect location for tournaments, competitions and other special events.
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  • Transit - Route 30, Dunmone (Non-Peak) and Route 31, Dunmore.  The bus stop is on 21 Avenue SE just north of 21 Street SE.  The Kinplex is approximately a 50 m walk from the bus stop.
Parking - There are 7 accessible parking spaces along the south wall of the Kinplex.  4 parallel accessible parking spaces  east of the main entrance.  3  accessible parking space west of the main entrance, the first is a parallel parking space and  the next 2 are angled parking spaces.  All of these parking spaces are identified by both horizontal and vertical accessible parking signage.  A ramp to access the sidewalk to the main entrance is located just west of the main doors.   


  • Schedule -  is updated weekly
  • Skating Hotline - 403-502-8570


 The Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat proudly sponsors free public skating times for our community to enjoy. Our schedule is split into three separate categories:

Public Skating sponsored by the Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat

  • Public Skating - anyone is welcome.  Fast skaters are encouraged to skate around the outside edge.
  • Family Skating - children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. This is a perfect opportunity for parents to bring their child skating for the first time.
  • Adult Skating - limited to adults over the age of 18.

To ensure the safety of all skaters, hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed on the ice during Public Skating.


Facilities include 2 ice surfaces each with their own spectator seating, dressing rooms, concession, and public washrooms as well as a meeting room with a separate entrance. 

  • Entrance - is located in the centre of the building with a wide near level approach to automatic sliding glass doors.  The entryway is open and well lit.  Double doors on either side of the central ticket booth lead to Kin I on the right and Kin II on the left.
  • Ticket Booth - is rarely used and sits well back from the main entrance and between 2 double sets of doors.   
  • Concession - partially accessible   2 identical, independent, side by side concessions.  Patrons move along the concessions in one direction to order and pay.  Condiments are available at separate service counters.  The counters are higher but will meet the needs of most users.  

Kin I

  • Washrooms - partially accessible   Both the men's and women's washrooms are located on the west side of the central hallway in Kin I.  Both washrooms include a larger toilet stall with grab bars.  The size of these stalls will meet the needs of most users with a disability.  For those requiring a larger stall please use the Fully Accessible/Family Washroom located on the east side of the central hall of Kin II.
  • Dressing Rooms - not accessible there are 6 dressing rooms including 2 officials rooms.  None of these spaces are accessible due to steep ramps to access their entrances.
  • Ice Surface - 185 X 85 feet.  The ice surface is not accessible with a 65 mm drop to the ice surface.
  • Seating
    • General Seating - bleacher seating for 1000 is located on the west side of the rink and can be accessed by 9 stairs on both the west and east ends of the bleachers.  Additional metal railing has been added to along the stairs to provide better access to the first few rows of seating.  The bench seating immediately behind the blue safety railing has been identified and signed as priority seating for individuals with limited mobility.
    • Accessible Seating - New overhead Heating  There is raised platform seating for 3 individuals and their guests at the east end of the rink.  Please note:  in order to access this seating users must navigate 2 steep ramps.
  • Water Fountain - 2 water fountains are located along the central hallway.  At this time neither is accessible in design or height.  

 Kin II

  • Washrooms 
  • Accessible/Family Washroom - fully accessible and is on the north side of the hallway.  
  • Men's and Women's washrooms are on the north side of the hallway and are not accessible
  • Dressing Rooms 
    • Traditional Team Dressing Rooms - there are 4 of team dressing rooms located on the south side of the central hallway.  These spaces have level L-shaped entrances.  Once inside these dressing rooms are large and open.  The washrooms and showers areas are not accessible.
    • Officials' Dressing Room - is located on the north side of the central hallway
    • Accessible/Opposite Gender Dressing Room - a smaller accessible dressing room is located on the north side of the central hallway.  The dressing room will accommodate 2-5 users with varied abilities and includes an accessible washroom and shower.  The accessible shower includes grab bars, adjustable height shower nozzle and a fold down seat. 
  • Ice Surface - 185 X 85 feet.  There is up to a 35 mm drop to the ice surface making it reasonably accessible for athletes with a disability.  
  • Seating
    • General Seating - bleacher seating for 250 people is located along the east side of the rink.  There are handrails on both sides of the stairs to access the bleacher seating. There are 9 staris to access the seating. 
    • Accessible Seating - New Overhead Heating  A ramped platform seating area for 5+ individuals and their guests is located on the northwest corner of the rink.  There is a level path of travel from the Kin II entrance around the west end of the rink to the ramp.

Meeting Room 

Kinplex Social Room is accessed through a manual glass door south of the arena doors.  The meeting room seats 120 and is available for rent.  For further information or to book this facility contact Susan McDonald  email:    phone:  403-502-8745

  • Kitchen - attached large open kitchen with serving counters which open into the Kin Room
  • Washrooms - not accessible - washrooms for both men and women are available in the Kin Room.  Please Note: A fully accessible washroom is located in Kin II .  Partially accessible washrooms are located in Kin I.  Both the men's and women's washrooms in Kin I I include a larger toilet stall with grab bars that will accommodate most users with a disability