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Crestwood Recreation Centre

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* Partial Accessibility *

Getting There

  • Address:   1701-21 Street SE        
  • Phone:  403-529-8320 
  • Swimming Hotline:  403-502-8571   Please contact the swim hotline for up to-date information or changes to our schedule.
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  • Transit - Route 30 (non-peak) and Route 31 (peak).  The closest bus stop is 3 blocks away.  There is a bus stop at the corner of Dunmore Road and 21 Street SE and another bus stop at the corner of 17 Avenue and 17 Street SE.
  • Parking - 2 accessible angled parking spaces are located on the north wall of the building. 
  • Bicycle Rack - is provided for your convenience and to support your active lifestyle.  
  • Entrance - level with push button accessible doors.   

Schedule - is updated monthly


  • Pool 
  • Fitness - including Dryland Fitness facilities and Aquafit classes



  • Washrooms - there are washrooms in the men's and women's change rooms as well upstairs.  Please note that while these washrooms will meet the needs of many, none of them are fully accessible.  The upstairs washrooms are accessed by a long flight of stairs.  The larger washroom stalls in the men's and women's change rooms will serve those with very compact mobility equipment. 
  • Change Rooms - are partially accessible.  The entrances are level and the turning radius's are sufficient for most users.  Both full and half size lockers are available.  The open shower rooms each contain a shower head with a lowered set of controls.   There is a level doorless "L-shaped" entry to the pool from the shower rooms.  The turning radius's will accommodate most users.
  • Pool - has both portable incline stairs and a deck mounted seated lift 
    • Six lane 25 Metre pool 
    • Rope swing - there is a rope swing for use on the north side towards the pool's deep end.
    • 1 m diving board - is located in the deep end of the pool (east side)
    • Dry Sauna - is located at the west end of the pool between the men's and women's change rooms.  The door is manual with a level clear opening of 780 mm.  The space is compact with cedar benches.  
  • Viewing Areas - there are viewing areas on both the pool level and on the second storey.  Each of these areas includes viewing and seating both behind glass and within the pool enclosure
    • Main Floor  - has move-able chairs for 4 around a pedestal table .  There is a also on deck seating through a manual glass door with a clear opening of 699 mm.
    • Second Storey - has larger viewing areas with another pedestal table and move-able chairs.  There is also a balcony that extends the width of the pool enclosure and has stacking pation chairs. 
  • Dryland Fitness - entry to the dryland fitness are is down a long, well lit hallway and then through 2 heavy metal doors.  These doors have a 635mm clear opening which is sufficient space for those with compact mobility equipment.   Orignally built as four racquetball courts.  Three of them have been re-purposed to serve a greater variety of uses
    • Fitness Studio - occupies the first court.  Entry is through a 560 mm door and involves stepping over a 190 mm threshold.  
    • Weight Room - the wall to the hall has been removed.  This space includes a combination of weight machines and free weights.
    • Cardio Room - the wall has been removed.  This space includes stationary bicycles, elipticals, and treadmills.
    • Racquetball Court - occupies the fourth court.  Entry is through a 560 mm door and involves stepping over a 190 mm threshold.
  • Water Fountain - is located at the base of the second floor pool viewing balcony.  This fountain is an older model and is not accessible at this time.