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New Accessibility Features

Parks and Recreation 2016 Accessiblity Improvements

New Accessible Picnic Areas

    • Kiwanis Central Park - new accessible picnic table on the expanded picnic area 
    • Echo Dale Regional Park, Boating Lake - 3 new accessible picnic tables and an accessble height fire pit all set on a solid surface.

New Accessible Washrooms

    • Rotary Track and Soccer Complex have added an Accessible/Family washroom.
    • Kiwanis Central Park has added an accessible washroom stall in both the women's and the men's washroom. 
ASD Friendly Playground - Crockett Way

Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) often need more time and experience to develop their balance, equilibrium and a sense of where their body is in space.  Playgrounds are a great way to develop these skills. Children can choose to play independently or can play in small groups with others.

The Crockett Way playground will help children with and without ASD by providing opportunities to:

    • Swing
    • Spin
    • Climb
    • Use and develop growing muscles
    • Experience unusual textures including rolling down a grassy hill
    • Manipulate elements on play panels
    • Try out imaginative play components 

So bring your water bottle and sit on the new bench and enjoy watching your children build their skills through play.  

Family Leisure Centre Accessibility 

New Accessibility Features including:

    • Accessible service counters
    • Accessible gymnasium
    • Accessible fieldhouse
    • New Accessible seating area in the pools
    • Elevator
    • Accessible track with designated lanes so everyone can participate at the speed they are comfortable moving at.
    • Wheelchair accessible fitness equipment as well as equipment that is usable for those who can self transfer.
    • Accessible change rooms
    • Accessible washrooms

Municipal Works 2015 Accessibility Improvements

The Municipal Works department, through internal and contracted services has completed the following upgrades to the City Pedestrian network in 2015:

  • 98 Wheelchair ramps were installed or upgraded. 
  • Mud jacking & remove/replace methods were used to repair over 3000 metres of sidewalk, eliminating multiple defects such as tripping hazards, depressions, cracks, rough surfaces, and various other safety concerns.
  • Over 1680 tripping hazards were eliminated in the SE/SW Hill, Riverside, and South Flats areas via concrete cutting.  This project has greatly improved the pedestrian safety and accessibility in these areas.
  • 300 metres of new sidewalk was installed on 7th Street SW, west of Medicine Hat High School, improving connectivity along this corridor.
  • 175 metres of new recycled rubber sidewalk was installed on 8th Street SW near Connaught School. Improving connectivity with an environmentally conscious product. 
  • In total, approximately $1.6M worth of pedestrian network work was completed which improved levels of service with respect to public safety and quality of life for the community.

The pedestrian network upgrades completed in 2015 are a reflection of the consideration given to safety and accessibility in Our Community.

Medicine Hat Transit 2014 Accessibility Improvements

New and Relocated Bus Stops

  • Medalta Avenue SE - New
  • Industrial Avenue and Steel Street SE  (Korner Convenience)- Relocated
  • 7 Street and Red Deer Drive SW  (Parklane) - Relocated

New Shelters

  • Medalta Avenue SE
  • 6 Avenue and 8 Street SW (Panorama Lanes) 
  • Carry Drive and Cuyler Road SE (Horizon Village)
  • 7 Street and Red Deer Drive SW (Parklane)
  • 3 Street and 1 Avenue SE(St. Joseph's Home) - Relocated

New Sidewalks and/or Wheelchair Ramps

  • 7 Street SW - Sidewalk and Wheelchair Ramp
  • 3 Street and 1 Avenue NE

Parks and Recreation 2014 Accessibility Improvements

Hockey Hounds 

  • Ramps have been added with landing ramps to access both the arena and the Hockey Hounds Social Room
  • Accessible/Family Washroom has been added at the Arena

Municipal Works 2014 Accessibility Improvements

  • 164 wheelchair ramps were installed, 121 of which were installed in locations where ramps did not previously exist.  
  • 240 metres of new concrete sidewalk were added to improve pedestrian connectivity 
    • along Carry Drive SE from Red Oak Boulevard to Ross Glen Road SE, and 
    • Washington Avenue SE from Bridge Street to Elm Street SE.
  • 260 metres of expanded pedestrian access to Maple Avenue Bridge improving accessibility for pedestrians travelling in both directions.
  • 5,655 metres of sidewalk were replaced removing multiple defects such as tripping hazards, depressions, cracks, rough surfaces, and various safety concerns.  
  • pedestrian safety and accessibility  were improved using a concrete cutting technique to remove over 2,020 tripping hazards on the SE and SW Hill areas.
  • 1 new push-button pedestrian crossing signal was installed at 12th Street & 4 Avenue NE.
  • pole relocation and geometric improvements at Altawana Drive and Parkview Drive improve safety and accessibility for pedestrian crossings. 

The pedestrian network upgrades completed in 2014 are a reflection of the consideration given to safety and accessibility in our community.

Sidewalks, Ramps, and Lighting Improvements in 2013

The pedestrian network upgrades completed in 2013 are a reflection of the consideration given to safety and accessibility in our Community.

  • 131 Wheelchair ramps were installed, 99 of which were in locations where ramps did not exist previously. All ramps were installed to the City’s new wheelchair ramp standard, adopted back in 2010.
  • Parkview Drive, Southridge Drive, and the hospital area received a total of 3100 meters of new concrete sidewalk and asphalt trail where sidewalk and trail did not exist previously.
  • Approximately 1600 meters of old sidewalk along College Avenue was upgraded to 3.0 meter wide asphalt trail in order to improve accessibility for all pedestrians.
  • Mudjacking and remove/replace methods were used to repair approximately 3400 meters of sidewalk, eliminating multiple defects such as tripping hazards, depressions, cracks, rough surfaces, and various other safety concerns.
  • Over 2300 tripping hazards were eliminated in the North Flats & Downtown-SE Hill areas .
  • Pedestrian audible signals were installed at 41 intersections. Every signalized intersection in the City is now equipped with audible signals.
  • The pedestrian crossings at 20 intersections were converted to include LED pedestrian countdown timers. Now all signalized intersections in the City are fully equipped with LED pedestrian countdown timers
  • A new pedestrian and vehicle activated traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Strachan Road & Sprague Way.

Parks and Recreation in 2013

  • Echo Dale Regional Park - Beach Wheelchair for public use 
  • Accessible Parking Spaces created at Strathcona Island Park

New Accessible Washrooms in 2013

  • Library - Accessible/Family Washroom added to the lower level near the Library Theatre

Transit - New Accessible Bus Stops 2013

The following 14 stops have been renovated to make them accessible.  Some of the stops had curb ramps and sidewalk added, others also had accessible shelters added to them. 

  • Southlands Blvd and Somerset Road
  • Southlands Blvd and Southlands Drive
  • 3 Street and 2 Avenue NW
  • 3 Street and 4 Avenue NW
  • Sierra Boulevard and Sunrise Gate SE
  • Southlands Drive and South Boundary Road SE
  • Carry Drive and Red Oak Boulevard SE
  • 13 Avenue and 24 Street SE
  • 7 Street and 4 Avenue SW
  • 1 Street and 7 Avenue SW
  • Red Deer Drive at Riverview Terrace Condos SW
  • 4 Avenue and 9 Street SE
  • Bridge Street and Korner Konvenience Store SE
  • Balmoral Street and Allowance Avenue SE

Continue to Watch - there are more accessible stops and shelters to come!

Transit - New Accessible Bus Stops 2012

  • 3 Street and 2 Avenue NW
  • 3 Street and 4 Avenue NW
  • Southlands Boulevard and Southlands Drive SE

Parks & Recreation 2012

  • Strathcona Island Park Washroom - accessible, family friendly and open year round  
  • Ross Glen Town Centre Accessible Playground and Accessible Water Playground

New Sidewalk and Curb Ramps in 2012

  • 131 new wheelchair ramps 
  • 1000 m of new sidewalk added
  • 1200 m of sidewalk was upgraded to 3 m wide asphalt trail
  • 7000 m of sidewalk replacement to removing tripping hazards and other safety concerns

Audible Light Signals and Pedestrian crossings 2012

5 New Audible Signals (chirp/cheep) have been added to make crossing the street safer in the downtown core.

  • 2nd Street & South Railway
  • 2nd Street & 6th Avenue
  • 2nd Street & 5th Avenue
  • 2nd Street & 4th Avenue
  • 3rd Street & 4th Avenue

New push-button Pedestrian Crossing installed at Southridge Drive and Gehring Road

Parks - New Accessible Playgrounds 2011

  • Strathcona Island Accessible Playground and Accessible Water Playground
  • Family Leisure Centre Accessible Playground and Fitness Circuit

Transit - New Accessible Bus Stops 2011

  • Tim Horton's on Dunmore Road SE
  • Carry Drive and Carr Crescent SE
  • Riverview Care Centre on Prospect Dr SW
  • Staples on Dunmore Road SE
  • Luthor Manor on 2nd Street SE
  • Dunmore Road at 22 Street SE
  • Nutone Cleaners on 6th Street SE 
  • Superstore on Carry Drive SE 
  • Altawana Ave & 2nd Street NW 
  • Top Hat Bingo on Bridge Street SE
  • Redi Bottle Depot on South Railway Street SE
  • Northlands Co-op on Division Avenue N  
  • Ross Glen Business Park on Dunmore Road SE
  • Bank of Montreal on Dunmore Road SE
  • Argos on Dunmore Road SE
  • 19th Street on Dunmore Road SE 
  • 15th Ave and 21st Street SE
  • Strathcona Centre on 5th Street SE
  • Remand Centre on 2nd Street SE
  • Parkview Drive & Prairie Drive NE
  • College Drive & Primrose Drive SE
  • Devailland Blvd and Highway 3 SW
  • Martin Avenue & Bassett Crescent NW

Annual Reports

A summary of the Advisory Committees on Disability Issues (ACDI) activities and work with City staff to improve accessibility and inclusion in the City of Medicine Hat.