Community Resource Worker Program

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Community Resource Worker Contact Information

The primary purpose of the Community Resource Worker Program is to facilitate a community-based preventive approach for the support of individuals, children, youth, seniors and families.  The program helps connect residents to community supports and resources. Workers develop community partnerships to work together to problem solve, educate residents, and assist individuals to maintain their independence. The facilitation of this approach is achieved by focusing on four critical aspects:

  • Community Development
  • Prevention
  • Children, Youth & Families
  • Volunteerism

Currently there are four Community Resource Workers who work with residents and community partners to build and sustain a vibrant, healthy,safe and responsive community. Community Resource Workers have offices located at:

  • Elm Street School,  Phone: 403.529.5533, Fax: 403.526.3278
  • Southview School, Phone: 403.526.8046, Fax: 403.502.1941
  • Medicine Hat High School, Phone: 403.527.3371 ext. 7138, Fax: 403.504.5481
  • Strathcona Centre, Phone: 403.529.8368, Fax: 403.529.8369