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Bundle Up ChallengeWhat is HAT Smart?
HAT Smart is a popular and award-winning City of Medicine Hat environmental initiative. Its mandate is to educate consumers and promote energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives in our community. 

As part of the Medicine Hat Advantage, residential utility customers can benefit from this innovative program, stimulating the economy and preparing our community for a resource constrained world. The HAT Smart program offers incentives to City of Medicine Hat Electric and Natural Gas Utility customers to make better choices regarding upgrades to their homes.

Funding for the incentive programs is generated through the Environmental Conservation Charge, which is levied on high-consumption electric and natural gas residential utility customers. HAT Smart has limited resources each year to make these programs available to the public. Programs generally run one to two years and incentives are approved by City Council before the new program comes in to effect.

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In 2006, an Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee was appointed to begin working with City of Medicine Hat staff to bring community environmental priorities to life. One of the outcomes of this process was the development of the HAT Smart program.

Launched in 2008, the program was established to help prepare Medicine Hat residents for a resource constrained world by assisting in energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives. Since that time, HAT Smart has helped thousands of residents make energy conscious home upgrades by reinvesting nearly $5 million back into the community.