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How To Participate/Application Form
The Energy Star® Air Conditioner Incentive Program (the Program) offers rebates to residential utility customers to purchase and install energy efficient air conditioners in their homes. The rebate amount is rewarded on a flat rate for all qualifying units.

To participate in the Program, follow the steps below:

  1. Determine your eligibility
    Before completing any work under the Program, please ensure that you read through the Terms & Conditions for eligibility requirements. For instance, you must currently have an Electric Utility account with the City of Medicine Hat to qualify.

  2. Purchase an ENERGY STAR® certified air conditioner
    All central ENERGY STAR® certified air conditioners with SEER ratings of 16 or higher qualify for this incentive program; however, only split model systems are eligible (incentive does not apply to single package systems).

  3. Need help finding a qualifying model? Visit the following website for more information:

  4. Request your rebate
    Complete and submit the following online application:

  5. Pending approval, your rebate will be paid in one of four ways:
    • Cheque: mailed to the address provided on your application form
    • Credit: applied to your City of Medicine Hat Utility Account in the next billing period
    • Direct Deposit: deposited directly in to your bank account.
    • Direct to the Contractor: The applicant may assign the payment of the rebate directly to the contractor upon project completion.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Deadline for applications is noon on January 8, 2021 (noon on the last business day before January 10 of the following year), provided Program funding is still available.

Rebates are processed on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Late or incomplete applications will be declined.

Note: All applications shall be subject to approval by HAT Smart. A completed Application Form is NOT a guarantee of eligibility for a rebate under the program, nor payment of the rebate itself. Rebates are based on fully completed Application Forms and issued on a first come, first served basis. An incomplete Application Form can result in a delay of payment or no payment if program funds have been exhausted.