Solar Electric

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I received a rebate for installing solar panels on my home in a previous year. Can I apply again?

Yes, however you are allowed only one lease or one purchase application per residential address during the program term. This can be used for a new installation or an addition to an existing system.

Do I need to hire professionals or can I do this project myself?
To be eligible for a rebate under the program, your solar PV system must be installed by a qualified service provider. Visit the CanSIA Member Directory or Solar Energy Society of Alberta to find installers/contractors serving the Medicine Hat area.

I applied for, and received, a solar rebate for my present home which I have now decided to sell. Can I apply for another rebate for my next home?
Yes. We track our rebates by residential address (through the utility account number), not by individual names. As long as it is under a separate utility account number, multiple applications can be submitted.

I live outside of Medicine Hat. Am I eligible for the HAT Smart rebates?
Yes, all City of Medicine Hat residential Electric Utility customers are eligible to apply. If you are currently receiving a residential electric bill from the City of Medicine Hat, you are eligible to apply.

Am I guaranteed to receive funding if I submit an application?
All applications are subject to approval by HAT Smart. A completed application form is NOT a guarantee of eligibility for a rebate under the program, nor payment of the rebate itself. Rebates are based on fully completed application forms and issued on a first come, first served basis. An incomplete application form can result in a delay of payment or no payment if program funds have been exhausted.