About HAT Smart

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HAT Smart is the City of Medicine Hat's contribution to supporting the goals associated with the City’s energy and environmental related targets. The program was launched in 2008 to prepare Medicine Hat residents for a fossil fuel constrained world by assisting in energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives.

The program offers incentives for City of Medicine Hat utility customers to make better choices regarding upgrades to their home, as well as education and community support initiatives. HAT Smart receives its program funding through the Environmental Conservation Charge, which is levied on high-consumption electric and natural gas utility customers.

As of December 2015, HAT Smart has awarded over 14,000 rebates worth more than $4.4 million, $6,500 in sponsorships and awards, as has supported various large-scale projects throughout the City. 

The HAT Smart programs generally run one to two years and incentives are approved by City Council before the new program comes in to effect. Our team works hard to align HAT Smart incentives with Provincial and Federal programs.

How It All Began

An Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee was appointed in 2006 to work with City staff to bring environmental priorities to life by developing performance measures and targets for the community to strive towards.

The Committee consisted of a diverse group of stakeholders which included: Grasslands Naturalists, Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce, Medicine Hat College, Medicine Hat Industrial Group, Palliser Airshed Society, Palliser Health Region (Alberta Health Services), and the Urban Environmental and Recreation Advisory Board.

Over a 12-month period, this dedicated group of volunteers provided thoughtful feedback on how to track the community’s progress in relation to seven key environmental priorities: land/surface, renewable energy, energy conservation, water conservation, water quality, waste and recycling and air quality.

The Roadmap was published in early 2008 and updates were released in 2010 and 2012. These updates represented an attempt to measure the community’s progress towards the environmental targets that were established in the 2008 Roadmap. Although the community has made progress in many areas, numerous challenges remain in meeting the long-term goals. In 2015, it was decided that a final update would be published and what was known as the Community Environmental Roadmap would be revised to align with current - and adapt to future - City initiatives.

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# of Rebates Paid Rebate Type Rebate Values Average per Rebate
284 Air Conditioning - Central $56,700.00 $199.65
12 Air Conditioning - Room $600.00 $50.00

3,427 Clothes Washer $461,375.00 $134.63
1,320 Dishwasher $131,900.00 $99.62
1,635 Refrigerator $322.579.99 $197.30
224 Natural Gas Stove $37,100.00 $165.63
57 Natural Gas Dryer $11,300.00 $198.25

1,595 Furnaces $629,400.00 $294.61
18 Domestic Water Heating $7,200.00 $400.00

1,682 Home Energy Audits $168,200.00 $100.00
38 New Home EnerGuide Rating $120,000.00 $3,157.89
25 New Home Built Green Standard $36,000.00 $1,440.00

17 Commercial Solar Installations $647,074.00 $38,063.18
65 Commercial Conservation Upgrades $380,629.76 $5,855.84

669 Windows and Doors $82,840.00 $123.83
2,520 Insulation/Air Sealing $1,041,219.98 $413.18
864 Post-Retrofit Energy Audits $37,191.76 $43.05
464 Scratch'n'Win Program $27,384.00 $59.02
151 Residential Solar Installations $612,507.83 $4,056.34

15,067 Total Rebates Value $4,811,202.32 $319.32