Application Terms & Conditions

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The following application terms and conditions (“Application Terms and Conditions”) establish the eligibility requirements and related terms and conditions for an application to the HAT Smart Rebate Program (“Program”). The application shall be subject to approval by HAT Smart. A completed application is neither a guarantee of eligibility for a rebate under the Program, nor payment of the rebate itself, and is subject to the following Application Terms and Conditions:

1. Program eligibility requires that the Applicant perform qualifying installations, replacements, and/or upgrades on or after January 1 and on or before December 31 of each program year. Deadline for applications is noon on the last business day before January 7 of the following year, provided funding is still available.

For example, if qualifying installations, replacements, and/or upgrades are completed and paid for in 2017, application deadline is January 5, 2018. Late applications will be declined. Check for details specific to each initiative.
2.  Rebates are processed on a first come, first served basis. Applications will no longer be accepted once Program funding has been exhausted.
3. Applicants agree the eligible products will be installed in their specified dwelling either by themselves or through a service provider and that purchases and installations are for non-commercial use only.
4.  This program is for existing homes; that is, any home built more than six months before installations, replacements, and/or upgrades.
5. The Applicant is responsible for meeting all Program requirements and complying with any laws, regulations, or by-laws regarding permits, codes, restrictions, and/or inspections in relation to products or equipment installed.

The Applicant shall be responsible for any direct or indirect taxes, duties, levies, fees, or like charges incurred by Applicant as a result of participation in the Program and hereby indemnifies HAT Smart for the same.
6. The Applicant agrees that it is solely responsible for, and liable for, the selection, purchase, installation, and ownership/maintenance of the products included in the submitted rebate application and that HAT Smart is not affiliated in any way with the manufacturer, distributor, dealer, and/or installer of the product.

The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that HAT Smart makes no representation or warranty, whether expressed, implied, direct or indirect, with respect to the products, services or other measures that the Applicant has purchased and which is the subject matter of the rebate application.

The Applicant further acknowledges and agrees that HAT Smart is not responsible for the design, verification, and/or operation of the product, and accepts no liability nor makes any representations with respect to estimated or possible energy savings that will be incurred in the function of the products, services or measures, and/or the installation, performance, reliability, safety, use or fitness of the products for the Applicant’s particular purpose.
7. Complementary municipal/provincial/corporate rebates administered by HAT Smart may have different eligibility criteria including, but not limited to, unique start and end dates. Visit for a complete listing of available rebates and eligibility criteria.

Applicants are responsible for researching and ensuring they qualify under applicable eligibility criteria and Applicants hereby indemnify HAT Smart against any liability for the same.
8. Any other rebate(s), discount(s) and/or incentive(s) offered and/or provided by any government agency, institution, manufacturer, distributor, dealer and/or installer are separate and distinct from the Program and HAT Smart shall not be responsible for the administration or payment of the same nor be responsible for the erroneous submission of other rebate(s), discount(s) and/or incentive(s) to HAT Smart.
9. A copy of the purchase receipt or other information relevant to the rebate being applied for is required. Omission of such required information will result in an incomplete application.

HAT Smart accepts no responsibility for incomplete applications which will neither be processed nor held by HAT Smart. HAT Smart is not responsible for incomplete, lost, late or misdirected mail or illegible submissions.
10. The following information must be clearly indicated on the purchase receipt:
  • Purchase date;
  • Verification of qualifying criteria as listed at;
  • Detailed invoice indicating the work performed and total amount has been paid in full; and
  • Business address from which product was purchased.
11. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not considered a part of the total project costs; therefore, HAT Smart rebates will be based on pre-tax amounts and will not exceed the amount of total project costs (less GST), regardless of the maximum listed rebate amount.
12. In submitting this application, the Applicant consents to the collection and use, disclosure and retention of the personal information herein provided for five years following which such information will be destroyed or made anonymous.
13. In submitting this application, the Applicant confirms ownership of any attribute of an environmental or similar nature that is created or otherwise arises from the generation of electricity from solar powered energy.  The Applicant further attests that said attributes have not been claimed, sold, or otherwise transferred to another party.
14. In submitting this application, the Applicant consents that the City of Medicine Hat shall be the aggregator of the solar generator with ownership of any attribute of an environmental or similar nature that is created or otherwise arises from the generation of electricity from solar powered energy. As such, the Applicant consents that the City of Medicine Hat shall be allowed access and shall take all steps necessary to provide the City of Medicine Hat access to appropriate tracking data until a time in which operation of the solar generator is permanently suspended.
15. The Applicant consents to the disclosure of information to HAT Smart and its contractors, employees and partners. HAT Smart undertakes that the information provided in this application will not be sold or distributed for commercial or promotional purposes or financial gain.
16. HAT Smart reserves the right to change or terminate the Program at any time without notice or explanation. HAT Smart will use reasonable efforts to administer a completed eligible application received prior to such a change or termination of the Program in accordance with the Program as it existed effective as of the date of the completed eligible application.
17. Applicant should retain a copy of its application as Applicant’s original application and purchase receipt will not be returned by HAT Smart.
18. Applicant should allow at least 8 (eight) weeks to process the application. If approved, Applicant has the option of a credit to its City of Medicine Hat utility account (Applicant must live at the installation address) or request the issuance of a cheque for the amount of the rebate.  All rebate cheques issued must be cashed within 180 days from the cheques’ issuance date and will not be re-issued after this time.