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Common Questions about HAT Smart's Rebate Programs
How is rebate funding distributed?
Rebates are based on fully completed Application Forms and issued on a first come, first served basis. An incomplete Application Form can result in a delay of payment or no payment if program funds have been exhausted.

I live outside of Medicine Hat. Am I eligible for the HAT Smart rebates?
Yes, provided you have an active City of Medicine Hat utility account (relevant to the rebate for which you are applying) and receive a utility statement each month. For example, if you are applying for a rebate on Solar Electric Panels, you must receive an Electric bill from the City of Medicine Hat.

How does HAT Smart record the rebates given out?
Each rebate is tied to the location identification number of the residential address which is why the account number is asked for on every Application Form.

What provincial or federal funding is available?
The HAT Smart team works hard to align available incentives with Provincial and Federal programs. For more information on available funding, please visit:
Are there any HAT Smart rebates for commercial customers?
Sorry, there is no rebate funding available for commercial customers at this time. All funds for this program version are for residential customers.

I received rebates from previous HAT Smart programs. Can I still apply?
Yes. You are eligible to apply for each HAT Smart rebate provided you meet the current program criteria.

How many rebates has HAT Smart given out?
Since our start-up in 2008, over 14,000 rebates have been given out totalling over $4.6 million in incentives.

Is it possible that HAT Smart will come to an end some day?
This is unlikely as Environmental Sustainability is identified as an area of Vision in the City Council Strategic Plan 2014-2018. What may change are the types and specifications of incentives that comprise each new program.

What do you expect from me as a customer applying for a rebate?
Please ensure that you:
  • Do your homework and research your project;
  • Read the website details and the back of the Application Form;
  • Complete all areas of the Application Form; and
  • Submit all of the Required Documentation so your application can be processed.

An unfinished Application Form or omission of Required Documentation will result in an incomplete application which will neither be processed nor held by HAT Smart. HAT Smart is not responsible for incomplete, lost, late or misdirected mail, or for illegible submissions.

HAT Smart policy requires that all retailers, contractors, and installers must be paid in full before a rebate payment is approved. Invoices must show 'Paid in full' or 'Balance $0.' You may also submit a copy of the cheque or credit/debit card receipt.

Note: All applications shall be subject to approval by HAT Smart. A completed Application Form is NOT a guarantee of eligibility for a rebate under the program, nor payment of the rebate itself. Rebates are based on fully completed Application Forms and issued on a first come, first served basis. An incomplete Application Form can result in a delay of payment or no payment if program funds have been exhausted.

EnerGuide and Energy Star Information
Look for the EnerGuide label and ENERGY STAR symbol as your guides for saving energy and money!



    • In 2001, EnerGuide teamed up with ENERGY STAR to help consumers find the most energy efficient appliances on the market. 
    • An appliance qualifies for ENERGY STAR if it is significantly more energy efficient than the minimum government standards, as determined by standard testing procedures. ENERGY STAR qualified products are always among the most efficient available today.
    • Choosing an ENERGY STAR qualified model over a conventional model could save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs.
    • Visit Natural Resources Canada for more information.

EnerGuide and ENERGY STAR
A winning combination:

    • EnerGuide allows consumers to compare the energy efficiency of different models of household appliances sold in Canada. 
    • For some of these products, ENERGY STAR goes one step further and identifies specific models that meet or exceed premium levels of energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR symbol may even appear on an EnerGuide label. 
    • When you see ENERGY STAR on an EnerGuide label, you can be sure that the product is among the most energy efficient available.
    • Choosing and Using Appliances with EnerGuide (PDF)
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