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City Council Meeting Highlights

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March 16, 2020

A presentation was provided to City Council by Merrick Brown, Director of Emergency Management, regarding the recently implemented Business Continuity Plan in response to COVID-19.

A presentation was provided to Council by Saamis Newcomer Youth Advisory Council with Saamis Immigration regarding the Community Action Project.

Community Inclusion Coordinator, Leslie Jerry, provided a presentation to Council regarding International Dal for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination taking place on March 21, 2020.

General Manager of Environmental Utilities, Lora Brenan, was in attendance to provide a presentation to Council regarding Solid Waste Management 2020.

Through Administrative Committee, Council received a request to amend the Police Commission Bylaw #1651. The Administrative Committee recommends that City Council approve the first reading of Bylaw #4618 to amend Municipal Police Commission Bylaw #1651 so that the maximum number of consecutive years for the appointment of a member to the City’s Municipal Police Commission in Bylaw #1651 is consistent with the Police Act.

Through Development and Infrastructure Committee, City Council received the meeting minutes as information.

Through Energy and Utilities Committee, a capital budget amendment was brought forward through Electric Generation to move the existing approved Unit 10 Exhaust Collector capital project which was originally scheduled for 2022 into the 2020 year to align with the installation of the exhaust collector. This move will complete all work at one time, avoiding an additional 10-day outage at a later date and additional revenue loss.

Through Public Services Committee, City Council received the two presentations brought forward as information.

Through Corporate Services Committee, City Council approves Investment Policy #0167 and cancels Investment Policy – internally managed funds #0110 and Investment Policy #0157.

Though Administrative Committee, City Council adopted the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework. The 2021 Kinsmen Home Lotto lot request was adopted by Council. City Council adopted Tender Recommendation – EU20-04 – South Central Sanitary Truck Rehabilitation Phase 2. A request for Proposal Recommendation – EG19-164 Unit 3R Steam Turbine and Generator Inspection was received as information. The Administrative Committee awarded the RFP to the best evaluated bid meeting specification: General Electric in the amount of $780,562.00.

Council received for information the minutes of the Municipal Planning Commission Meeting from February 12, 2020, and as well as the minutes of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Meeting and Decision Report of February 24, 2020.

Following a public hearing on February 27, Council approved 2nd and 3rd reading of Bylaw #4605, a Bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to rescind Bylaw #3938 the Tri-Area Intermunicipal Development Plan and adopt Bylaw #4605, the Tri-Area Intermunicipal Development as amended.

Bylaw #4616, a Bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to amend Bylaw #4168, the City of Medicine Hat Land Use Bylaw, was introduced for first reading.

Bylaw #4618, a Bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to amend Bylaw #1651, the Municipal Police Commission Bylaw, was brought forward and passed 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading.

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City Council Meeting Highlights is an informal summary of the information presented to, and decisions made by, Medicine Hat City Council at its regular meetings. Click here to view official meeting minutes.