2018 Utilities Upgrade Projects Wrap Up

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The City’s Environmental Utilities department is wrapping up work on a number of major underground infrastructure upgrades for 2018. As utility infrastructure runs underground, these projects usually involve road closures and detours. Thank you to residents and businesses for your patience and understanding while crews have been at work across the city.

Upgrading underground utility infrastructure provides many benefits to everyone. Installing modern pipes and sewer lines to carry water and wastewater is important and will continue for years to come.

2018 Project Details

Completed projects 

  • 7th Street NE water and sewer rehabilitation (completed earlier this year)
  • Division and 8th Street replacement of sanitary manhole and sanitary main replacement
  • Crescent Heights work to complete the installation of a new lift station

Some of these projects may continue or be finalized in 2019 with the addition of landscaping and other details, and some may have temporary paving for winter

  • 4th and 5th Street SW replacement of water valves and sanitary mains and extending water mains
  • Carry Drive replacement of sanitary sewer lines
  • Riverside replacement of 100-year-old pipes and water system infrastructure
  • Brier Park sanitary sewer bypass installation

In many cases  projects are coordinated with other city departments, such as Municipal Works, to tackle work required in an area at the same time for greater efficiency, less disruption and lower costs.

In addition to these major projects, Environmental Utilities carries out ongoing maintenance and responds to emergency repairs on a daily basis, underscoring the value of replacing old pipes – sometimes up to 100 years old – with new, modern infrastructure.

The total cost in the 2018 budget for utility upgrades was XXXXXXX, representing XXX metres of new pipe in the ground. Ongoing and new projects will be identified in the upcoming 2019 budget.