Residential Recycling

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Residential Recycling Has Started

Blue CartBlue Recycling Carts have now been delivered. The City of Medicine hat, in partnership with Can Pak Environmental has completed the delivery of approximately 23,000 blue recycling carts to all single family and smaller multi-family residences (fourplexes or less) which currently have a grey household waste cart.

Please begin to use your blue recycling cart immediately! Here are some reminders:

  • Blue recycling carts were delivered with an information package attached. We encourage everyone to review the information package so they can understand how to use the cart, learn about the materials that are accepted and how to prepare them for recycling.
  • All blue carts will be collected from the same set out location as your grey cart and yard waste cart.  
  • Now that you have your recycling cart, we invite you to start using it immediately. Please ensure all carts are set out before 7 a.m. with 3 feet clearance between each. If your cart is not full, you do not have to set it out. 
  • Residential recycling collection uses the same type of cart and technology as the automated garbage and yard waste carts. Can Pak Environmental collectors will be emptying the carts with their automated collected trucks, and sorting the materials at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).
Deliveries Complete!
If you believe you should have received a blue recycling cart but did not, please call Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176. You may begin using your cart immediately! Set out in the same location on the same collection day as your grey cart and yard waste cart. Ensure 3 feet clearance between carts and set out by 7 a.m. Remember to conserve space on the streets and lanes, if your cart is not full you do not have to set it out.

Residential Recycling Fee
The net increase to all three Solid Waste charges on your utility bill is $2.89 per month. Average monthly charges as of June 31, 2018 are $21.77 per month. Once residential Recycling is introduced, after  July 1 2018, the rate will increase to $24.66 per month.

Average Monthly Rates
up until June 31, 2018

Average Monthly Rates
after July 1, 2018

SW11 $ 18.13 $ 16.04 $ (2.09)
SW31 $ 3.64 $ 2.31 $ (1.33)
SW41 $ - $ 6.31 $ 6.31

Average Daily Rates
up until June 31, 2018

Average Daily Rates
after July 1, 2018

SW11 $ 0.5962 $0.5275 $ (0.0687)
SW31 $ 0.1198 $ 0.0761 $ (0.0437)
SW41 $ - $ 0.2075 $ 0.2075

Net increase to all three Solid Waste charges will be an average of $2.89/month on your utility bill.

Monthly charge is determined by multiplying the daily charge by 365 then dividing by 12. The average customer bill overlaps two months; individual bills will vary.


Residential Recycling FAQs

Are you curious about the roll out or do you have a general inquiry regarding the Residential Recycling Program? Refer to the Residential Recycling FAQs to get all your questions answered. If you do not see an answer to your question, please contact Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176

Here are a few tips to remember about the Residential Recycling Program: recycle logo

  • Blue Carts were delivered to all Medicine Hat residential locations (single family dwellings up to fourplexes) who currently have a grey cart for household garbage. 
  • When the blue recycling carts were delivered, they were dropped off at the front of your home to ensure the cart serial number is registered to your address.
  • Recycling carts will be collected by Can Pak Environmental from the same set out location as your grey and yard waste carts.
  • Collection will be completed once a week, following the same zone calendar and map as with the grey and yard waste carts. Determine your collection day by referring to the Collection Schedule page under Waste and Recycling Collection Services on the website.
  • Refer to the Recyclables Preparation "What Goes Where" guide to assist as you determine whether a material should go into your blue cart or taken to one of the bulk recycling drop off depots.
  • No sorting required! Place your cardboard, mixed paper, newsprint, tin/aluminum and plastics numbered
    1 - 7 in the cart. Be sure to put all plastic bags into one bag and loose papers into a cardboard box to reduce the chance of littering as the cart is tipped into the truck.

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