Proposed Additional Generation Notice

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Public Notice and Stakeholder Consultation

The City is proposing to add a generating unit (Unit 17) to the City’s electricity system. Under the Province of Alberta’s Hydro and Electric Energy Act the City is required to notify all landowners and occupants within a two-kilometer radius of the proposed new generation site. This notification will serve to advise of  the pending Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) application and to provide contact information for additional information or any expression of concern. 

At the same time, the City is also applying to Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) for an operating approval under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. 


Project Details 
The project is to add an additional natural gas combustion turbine generator to the City’s electricity system. The proposed LM6000 simple cycle unit will:

  • Increase the City’s total generation capacity by 44 megawatts
  • Act as a back-up (firm) power supply, ensuring that power is supplied to all customers should one of the largest generators fail
  • Include a heat recovery system for increased efficiency and selective catalytic reduction emission control technology to reduce NOx emissions and meet environmental approval requirements

Anticipated Project Schedule

 Initial Stakeholder Consultation Process March 2019
 File application with Alberta Utility Commission (AUC April 2019
 File application with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP)  April 2019
 Engineering Permit Support Study Phase  Summer 2019
 Potential Construction Start  Spring 2020
 Compete construction and commission new power plant  June 2021

Project Impacts
The project will have minimal impacts to future land development as it will be constructed on City-owned land, adjacent to the Unit 16 power plant that was commissioned in 2017. 

Stakeholder Consultation

The City will engage and inform stakeholders throughout the process from the planning phase through to project completion via the City of Medicine Hat website. Once the AUC and AEP applications are approved, City Council approval will be required to move forward to construction phase. 

Public Open House
March 20, 2019 from 5 pm to 7 pm
Family Leisure Centre Boardroom
Watch for details here


Provide Feedback by March 22, 2019 to:



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