Business Retention and Expansion - Industry Specific

At Medicine Hat Economic Development, we believe in the resilience of our community and the strength of our businesses. That's why we're excited to introduce BREIS along with our regional partners the Town of Redcliff, Cypress County, County of Forty Mile, Town of Bow Island, Village of Foremost, the Southeast Alberta Chamber of Commerce, Careers: The Next Generation, Palliser Economic Partnership, Verge Economic Development, Medicine Hat College and C4i

The Business Retention and Expansion - Industry Specific, also known as BREIS, program marks a departure from traditional business retention and expansion assessments. Instead of taking a broad approach, we're diving deep into one industry at a time. But BREIS is more than just an acronym; it's a new approach to fostering growth and prosperity in our region. 

Our intention with BREIS is to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of key sectors in our region by gathering data through surveys and business visitations as we aim to:  

  • build relationships and stronger ties with our business community, ensuring they feel heard, taken care and trust that their needs as a business and industry will be supported,
  • cultivate industry specific benchmarking and actionable data to reduce barriers to business growth and development, and, 
  • develop projects that will help support the industry’s sustained growth and success over the long term.

These goals will be accomplished through a multi-phase research process that will be tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by each industry we study. Check out the information below for a quick breakdown of our research process: 

BREIS program structure and process: 
Phase 1
Community Assessment and Project Preparation

The first phase of each BREIS involves taking a high-level look at the industry in our region. Together with our program partners, we will dig into the opportunities and challenges experienced by businesses in the region. This information will act as the foundation for the development of a survey that will dig deeper into the individual experiences of businesses. 


Phase 2
Survey Development & Business Visitation

The second phase will see members of Medicine Hat Economic Development, along with regional program partners, connecting one-on-one with businesses to collect data through a survey. 


Phase 3
Data Analysis & Issue Identification

Largely an internal process, this includes compiling all the data collected and analyzing to find trends, gaps, and opportunities. Simultaneously, we will consider the information we've received anecdotally to determine whether the data supports the narrative provided by industry stakeholders. This will contribute to report development.  

Phase 4
Survey Development & Business Visitation

Each BREIS will culminate into a report that will include recommendations and action plans. These will be measurable, and each action should result in a clear positive outcome for the businesses in that industry.

This phase will include the development of a public facing report provide the data and insights from the study to our business community. The State of the Industry report will include recommendations for actions that will support the business community, accompanied by timelines and action plans to complete these items. Action items will be prioritized based on the fewest number of factors that have the largest impact on the greatest number of businesses. 

What Can You Expect From BREIS?

Participating businesses can look forward to two key deliverables: an industry profile and a comprehensive state of the industry report. Our inaugural phase will focus on aerospace, aviation and defence, as well as manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, with future studies planned for industries like agriculture. 


How Can You Get Involved?

Your participation is crucial to the success of BREIS. We invite all interested businesses to reach out to our Economic Development department to join the study. Rest assured, all involvement is voluntary, and our team is here to support you every step of the way. 

Why Is BREIS Important?  

Supporting our existing businesses isn't just good practice; it's essential for economic development. These businesses are the backbone of our community, driving employment and investment. By focusing on aerospace, aviation and defence, as well as manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, we're laying the groundwork for a thriving future for Medicine Hat.


Join us as we embrace innovation, foster growth, and build a stronger, more resilient community together. Together, we're shaping a future where every business has the opportunity to thrive.