Southeast Alberta’s established industrial cluster.

Located in Canada’s energy province of Alberta, the city of Medicine Hat is home to an established industrial cluster. With a population of over 65,000 people, Medicine Hat offers a skilled labour force with industrial expertise. In fact, the province is home to the most engineers per capita in the country.  

The city of Medicine Hat has a rich history in the energy sector and is known for being a change agent for energy transition. We have 125 years of quality resource management and look forward to the next 125 years of low-emission energy provision while maintaining quality of life and economic vitality.

Whether its low-carbon hydrogen or conventional chemical products, Medicine Hat’s energy industry is growing and diversifying. The future of Southeast Alberta industrials is bright. 

  • Petrochemicals capacity includes methanol and nitrogen (fertilizer, ammonia, urea)
  • Alberta accounts for 60% of Canadian natural gas production
  • Alberta’s established petrochemical industry capitalizes on low-cost feedstocks


Sector Spotlight

aerial view of a natural gas power plant

The City of Medicine Hat owns and operates all its utilities, allowing for cost competitive tax and utility rates.


man using a grinder creating sparks

Alberta’s corporate tax rate is 8% - the lowest in the country and competitive across North America.

men standing in an industrial work setting

Home to the most engineers per capita in Canada, Alberta is home to a young, diverse and educated workforce, with expertise in the petrochemicals sector.



The City of Medicine Hat is actively working towards facilitating and providing optionality for existing and future businesses for decarbonization and alternate energy sources.


“Alberta’s abundant, low-cost feedstock, skilled labour, and extensive infrastructure can make us a leader in the production, use and export of zero-emission hydrogen.”

- Brad Maynes, President, Atherton Energy Ltd.


hydrogen storage tanks
Southeast Alberta Hydrogen Hub

Regional initiative facilitated by the City of Medicine Hat, southeast Alberta municipalities, agencies and private industry, aiming to be one of the world’s lowest cost producers or low carbon hydrogen.

Latest project news

petrochemical facility
Project Clear Horizon

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Hub facilitated by the City of Medicine Hat and local industry. It is anticipated to permanently sequester up to 3 Mtpa of CO2. 

Latest project news


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