Professional Services

A city of entrepreneurs.

Thanks to a number of anchors including Medicine Hat CollegeDefence and Research Development Canada’s (DRDC) Suffield Research Centre, MedaltaCo-op Place, and the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre, bright creative minds are choosing Canada’s sunniest city to lay down roots and export their work.

Quality of life is key to this cohort, who have the freedom to live anywhere they choose. A lively music scene is underscored by night performances in the city’s network of independent cafes. Golf and cycling season is the longest in Alberta, typically lasting from March to October.

DRDC draws Canada’s brightest scientists to Medicine Hat while Medalta’s ceramic arts studio spaces draws professional international artists. Medicine Hat College business and visual communications graduates have their choice of careers upon graduation while the Esplanade draws a wide range of top performers.

Young professionals are seeking opportunities in Medicine Hat and launching their careers with partnership and ownership achieved before their 40th birthday.

To top it all off, home prices are 30% less than the Alberta average while utilities and property taxes are among the lowest in Western Canada. You’ll certainly notice a theme permeating the professionals here: everything from creative services to technology to art are thriving in Canada’s sunniest city.


“Young, talented professionals who move to Medicine Hat can quickly find themselves on a partner track or in an ownership position that would take far longer to achieve elsewhere.”

- Ryan Schindel, owner, Schindel Law.


Sector Spotlight

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Drive to Calgary in 3 hours or fly to Calgary International Airport in 45 minutes.

people enjoying coffee on a restaurant patio

Move to Medicine Hat and experience 330 days of sunshine, 155 km of trail, family-friendly community, big city amenities, short commutes, and more!

aerial view of modern houses

Medicine Hat’s average home price is $312,865 (Oct. 2022).


You're In Good Company

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Home Sweet Home 

“We have a lot of great things going for our community, and I get excited when people talk positively about the city. This is the place to safely invest your money and enjoy a high quality of life.” 

- Tyrel Kenmore, local realtor, Better Homes & Gardens

couple standing in their bakery

Fresh Start 

“As soon as we arrived, we knew we wanted to be here. The warm weather paired with the lush greenery reminded us of BC. It’s an awesome city.”

- Jodi Desjardins, owner, Country Crumbs Bakery & Cafe

woman standing next to a drone

Ready For Take Off 

“Everyone who works here loves to bike the trails and travel to nearby attractions. You have the time to raise a family and immerse yourself in extracurricular activities here, since the commute is less than 20 minutes from anywhere in the city.”

- Corrie Dale, vice president of QinetiQ Target Systems