Southeast Alberta Rural Renewal

The Southeast Alberta Immigration Rural Renewal Program will have limited intake availability and may be paused at a given time to allow for processing of existing applications. The Rural Renewal Stream is just one step of the process toward a candidate receiving Permanent Residency and the following are some general timelines that you should be aware of:

• Rural Renewal Endorsement Letter - approximately 30 days
• AAIP Provincial Nomination - approximately 12 months
• IRCC Application for Permanent Residency - approximately 12 months

The Southeast Alberta Immigration Rural Renewal Program will reopen at 9:00 a.m. on June 26, 2024.


  • Employers and candidates must both apply to participate in the Southeast Alberta Immigration Rural Renewal.
  • Participating employers can provide a qualifying job offer to a current temporary worker or a new hire. 
  • Candidates must meet eligibility requirements and receive a qualifying job offer from perspective employer before applying to the Southeast Alberta Rural Renewal.
  • The Southeast Alberta Immigration Partnership evaluates employers and candidates and issues approved endorsement letters each month.
  • Eligible non-permanent residents who hold a valid open work permit and are authorized to live in Canada can begin work immediately.
  • Participating employers can attract international student graduates who complete their education in Canada and who hold a valid open work permit to begin working immediately.
  • International Student Graduates of Medicine Hat College may consider the Rural Renewal because they already live in the community.
  • Candidates who receive an endorsement letter can apply for provincial nomination.
  • Candidates who receive provincial nomination can apply for a temporary work permit if required, and permanent residency in Canada.
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Southeast Alberta Rural Renewal Process
Step 1
Employer with job vacancies or temporary workers reads, understands and meets all program eligibility as listed on the SE Alberta Immigration website and the Government of Alberta website.
Step 2 
Employer completes the Request to Participate application form and consultation.
Step 3 
Employer meets all requirements to be an approved Employer.
Step 4 
Employers with job vacancies submit a Job Vacancy form that follow the minimum recruitment requirements prior to a job offer being submitted for that position.
Step 5 
Employers who have interviewed a candidate or who already employ a candidate for a qualified position may submit a Job Offer form.
Step 6 
Rural Renewal Job Offer is reviewed and upon meeting criteria and fee payment, Employer is issued a Job Number for Candidate’s Application for Endorsement to apply for an endorsement letter.
Step 7 
Candidates who meet eligibility criteria and who have received a Rural Renewal Job Number submit Application for Endorsement.
Step 8 
SAIP considers employer and candidate applications and issues endorsement letters to successful candidates on a monthly basis.


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Employers currently employing Temporary Residents

Participating employers who currently employ temporary residents may sponsor their temporary resident for an endorsement application by submitting a Rural Renewal Job Offer for that individual. Employers are not required to submit a Notice of Job Vacancy in advance for the position. 

Job offers or contracts must be signed by the employee and employer. The employer must offer:

  • continuous paid work in the community
  • full-time employment, defined as a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • permanent employment, 18-months or more
  • wages that meet or exceed the SAI Rural Renewal minimum for the occupation

Once a candidate has been selected, employers will provide a job offer that is a legal offer of employment in an eligible occupation.


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Prioritization Process

Applications for Endorsement with Training Education Experience and Responsibilities (TEER) 0, 1, 2, are processed before Job Offers in TEER 3, 4, 5.

Applications for Endorsement with the greatest number of priority points are processed first. Employers and candidates may receive priority points by demonstrating any of the following:

  • Candidate is already living and working within the community
  • Candidate spouse has Canadian Language Benchmark of 4 or greater
  • Candidate has a valid driver's license from within Canada or outside of Canada
  • Candidate has a letter from a family member or close friend already living in the community
  • Employer provides a wage that exceeds the prevailing Job Bank regional median wage for the occupation
  • Employer has completed some form of workplace cultural competency training
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