Program Schedules

Our aquatic and fitness programs offer a variety of options for individuals with different fitness levels and interests, providing opportunities to stay active and healthy.

These activities are designed to promote physical, mental, and social well-being among participants.

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Online program withdrawals

To withdraw from a program or pre-booked time slot, please take the following steps.

Step 1: Log into your online account

Step 2: Click on My Info

Step 3: Select your name, or the name of the person withdrawing

Step 4: Scroll to Schedules, click to expand

Step 5: Select Switch to List View

Step 6: Select Actions, next to the event you wish to withdraw from

Step 7: Click Withdraw

Step 8: The message 'You are about to withdraw from [Selected Class]' will appear, select Withdraw to confirm.

  • Passholders, straight to the withdrawal confirmation page with the option to Print or Email
  • Non Passholders, refund options will populate, if you paid with
    • Credit card, you can choose an account credit or refund to the credit card used
    • Account credit, cash or debit, you can receive an account credit

Not sure what to do if you find yourself on a waitlist?

  • Waitlists will auto populate as spots become available
  • An email is sent to inform you that you have moved from the waitlist to the class. Action is required to confirm or decline the spot.
    • If you DO NOT confirm or decline and can no longer attend, the spot will remain occupied
    • If you can no longer attend and DECLINE, it will automatically populate the next in line from the waitlist.