Learn about owning and operating a business within Medicine Hat. There's more to it than just a business license (though you'll need one of those too!) and we're here to help your success.

For instance, do you have a location? Or do you plan on running your business through your home? In both instances, you'll need to find out if your type of business is permitted in your chosen location. Have you considered what your potential taxes will be? We can help guide you through a step-by-step process to start you on your way.

downtown business store front
Commercial Businesses

Find out how to 'set up shop' in a commercial or industrial location within the city.

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Home Businesses

A home-based business can include a home occupation, a mobile business (like a food truck), or a professional license. 

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Apply for a Business License

Anyone involved in business activities within the City of Medicine Hat requires a Business License.

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