Residential Infill

infill condominium buildingNew homes in older neighbourhoods

Infill development is the process of developing vacant or underutilized land within existing mature urban areas or the replacement of existing homes.

Why is infill important?

Increasingly, communities are turning to infill as a positive land use strategy to maintain viable populations and revitalize older areas. By refocusing development in mature neighbourhoods, infill projects attract people and businesses back into the heart of the community. Medicine Hat’s Municipal Development Plan has policies which make infill development a priority.

Infill housing may include single family houses, duplexes, townhouses, secondary suites, back yard suites, multi-unit residential buildings and mixed-use developments.

infill townhousesWhen done well, infill can:
  • Revitalize a neighbourhood and give it a facelift
  • Diversify the housing stock
  • Provide more housing close to existing amenities and workplaces
  • Make use of existing infrastructure like roads and utilities
  • Increase the City’s tax base
  • Decrease overall City costs by helping to minimize urban sprawl
  • Encourage more walking, biking and transit use, since infill typically happens closer to city cores
Good infill practices:
  • Be respectful of the design of existing developments
  • Maintain the privacy of new residents and existing neighbours
  • Sensitively increase the number of residents
  • Use good overall urban design practices


Guide for infill development
Contact us about your project

There are things to consider before starting a residential infill development. For instance, a project may involve a land use bylaw amendment or a technical review. Before making any costly commitments such as purchasing land, contact Planning & Development Services. We will provide important information and help guide you through the application process. We may set up a pre-application meeting with you to cover specific details about your proposed project.

Email: Planning & Development Services
Phone: 403-529-8374

Or download the contact list below:

Contact list

Apply for development permit

An approved development permit is required for any infill project. This ensures that the proposed development will not negatively impact the surrounding area and neighbours. We will provide you with information about applying for a development permit when you contact us (step 1).

Apply online 

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Need assistance?

  • We can help you with our online application. Contact us by email or phone 403-529-8374.
  • Or visit us in person (Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm):
    Planning & Development Services
    2nd floor, City Hall
    580 1st Street SE, Medicine Hat
  • Whether you apply online or in person, additional documents will be needed such as site plan, elevation plans, floor plans and utility line information. If you have questions about the specific documents needed for your application, we can provide guidance.
Apply for incentive grants

Through Medicine Hat Economic Development, incentives are available for eligible infill projects. If approved, grant funding is issued after the project is completed and final occupancy permit is approved.


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Medicine Hat Economic Development

Apply for construction permits

Before starting construction, the next requirement in an infill project is to obtain a building permit and related trades permits such as electrical, gas, HVAC and plumbing. This ensures that all work complies with building codes regulations.


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Building permits  Trades permits

Final inspections

The last step in doing a residential infill project is ensuring the safety of the final construction. City inspectors will check the work for compliance with safety codes and provide you with an occupancy permit. These inspections are an extension of the construction permits in step 4. You do not need to apply separately, simply notify us when you are inspection-ready.


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